Dana Donlon joins us to discuss Imagination & Creation


Dana is the creator of Stellarpax, a secure, private social community for experiencers of paranormal activities, UFOs, and alien interference, which features forums, custom profiles, and media blogs for its users.

In this show, we delve into the human energetics of imagination, dreaming, and gaining control of our lives, goals, and manifestations. The theme is: “We are Our Own Best Creators”.

Topics include:
~The human belief systems, how they have been exploited and abused by the controllers, and IGNORED by most humans
~Creating spaces, manifesting objects, designing our lives on our terms.
~The need for (positive) rituals and how we can move beyond rituals
~How beliefs are anchored in the background programs (DOS), false operating system
~Quantum Leap belief structures beyond “The Secret”; Manifestation: how the “rules” kick in; the difference between magic and human linear processing;
~Creating Matter: BE-ing CREATORS. That we have been programmed to deny our roles as “creatrd be-ing, who create”.
~Accessing mind states, meditation, and blocking out the distractions that prevent going into a creative inner state.
~Creation states are not linear/task-oriented; dream state is creation state.
~Tuning into the energy fields of objects and events “in the moment”
~The weaponized internet: Effects of electronic media and “time slicing” in miliseconds destroys the human energetic system to engage timelessness.
~The Aquarian Conspiracy and the Rise of Tech.
~Distractions: Androids, sexbots, artificial intelligence…and more…