Emily Moyer with Sofia Smallstorm: Crossfit Cults & Altered Athletes

In this special edition of Off Planet Radio I talk to the one and only
Sofia Smallstorm. Sofia is well known, and loved for her research and
presentations on chemtrails, Morgellon’s and an ever-growing list of
topics. My favorite thing about her is that she isn’t afraid to step
away from the research and play “what if….”. She plays it better
than anybody. She is here to help us navigate some new rabbit holes
and dig out the tunnels connecting them to the ones we are already so
familiar with. There is nobody I’d rather go rabbit hole diving with
than Sofia Smallstorm!

Her website is

Hour 1: Crossfit as a cult:
~Mascot, Pukie the Clown a/k/a Mr. Rhabdo, named from rhabdomyolysis, the breakdown of muscle fibers resulting in the release of muscle fiber contents (myoglobin) into the bloodstream.
~How Crossfit’s cult-like thinking overides the human individual judgment, and dangerously overides the natural biological protections of the body.
~Comparisons with religions, the cult reinforces the group mindset.
~Backgrounds of founders, Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai.
~The influence if Big Money, Trendy Tech Celebrities, and the control exercised (pun intended) by peering groups and extewrnal control elements; and connections to military-industrial complex and mind control programs.

Hour 2:
~”The Club”: Secret, or “sacred” societies. Occult roots behind the low-level community “clubs”, like Elks, Moose, Eagles, etc; so-called benevolent org.s. Shriner’s Hospital, Youth Org.s., etc. that are fronts for occult activities, child trafficking and other illicit activities.
~Turning amorality into “morality”
~”Spirit Cooking” concept artist, Marina Abramovich show at MOMA…”staring into people’s eyes” (spell gazing)
~Sweat lodge experiences and comparisons to the Crossfit experience.(This was Sofia’s experience, not a general indictment). Rituals as part of human tranformative experiences. How this is manipulated.
~The Clubs used to pull in leaders in a community, to initiate them into the rituals and practices; as means to “advance”. Access to institutions; again, access to children.
~The Masonic higher orders of famous entertainers, Presidents, key legislators, high level businessmen; fraternal secret orders, oaths and bonds.
~Masonic connections to corporations as “beings”; “old boys networks”
~”Praise from above”: the Olympics, professional athletics,
~Mind control and professional athletics.
~The accelerating pace of record-breaking in pro sports.
~We got into deep rabbit-holing/speculation:
~Michael Phelps: a dolphin? Genetic engineering for human competition?
~Transgendered/transpecied athletes? Chimera?
~Extreme human capabilities, science pushing the partameters of human endurance.
~US NAVY, chief sponsor of research into marine life capabilities, specifically dolphins.The NAVY’s war training exercises effects on marine mammals; marine life as “threat to security”?
~The society of competition vs. a culture of cooperation as seen in the media; the trap of “staying in the game”.
Break-“Livin’ On The Edge”-Aerosmith
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