Ways to think about value relative to money…Bitcoin vs. Gold & Silver…
A dollar is worthless. It is a fictional currency based on the whims of sorcerers called “bankers”.
We always lose the equation of relative worth when converting any hard asset back to the dollar.

Silver and gold still actually hold value even though they appear to rise and fall against the dollar. As for Bitcoin…it has no intrinsic value and no commercial utility. You cannot melt it down, make electronic connectors from it, or even beautiful flatware. It is, itself, a fiat currency.

One can “denominate” gold, silver, platinum, etc. based on their utilitarian usage. They have value in the “real” world because they can be used to create physical objects, based on their properties. Almost everyone misses this crucial aspect when comparing a fiat currency to a utilitarian asset.

Bitcoin is “mined” by running clock cycles on a computer network—it is effectively a currency based on consumption of electricity! Think about that. No physical value is produced in the process.

Silver, gold, platinum,paladium, iridium and other hard mined assets, contrarily, HOLD value relative to the initial labor output and increase value when applied to physical production of goods.

ALL fiat currencies are SLAVE CURRENCIES. The “slack” in computing relative value is the HUMAN element. Your labor and intellectual pursuits are the X factor in all value creation, and the one stolen by clever sorcery of bankers, investment “experts”, and the rulers of the world slaver system. Now, they want to sell you on another system—a DIGITAL (1s and 0s) system that reduces YOUR value to the electrons coursing through an AI blockchain system. Think about that.