“They” don’t call it the SSP.
That name is a term for public consumption.
The actual SSP operates under multiple project and sub-project names; and is flagged under numerous alliances that encompass deep military, intelligence,financial, and industrial groups which are, themselves, highly compartmentalized.
It also encompasses highly stratified command structures that operate on-world, off-world, inner-earth, and intra-dimensionally. It pre-dates all present governmental systems and utilizes time control systems that navigate temporal boundaries.
It also utilizes numerous simulation technologies that deploy operatives’ consciousness in an A.I. matrix as surrogates for clones and “blank” biological agents in terra-forming operations where hostile environments are present.
SSP has suppressed the ACTUAL knowledge about what constitutes “galactic” environs: “Space”, as it is known, is not the construct presented to the “public”.
NASA is a storefront money-laundering and public relations operation that was created out of the post-WWII think tanks to hide huge expenditures of financial and human capital. It operates in conjunction with all intelligence operations world-wide and is the central clearing house for ALL public facing projects like “moon missions”, “Mars orbiters”, the bogus International Space State (ISIS), and the “leaked” technology like stealth bombers and “space shuttles”…NASA and its corollaries also fund highly paid science fact, and science fiction writers, film makers, CGI artists, and film studios to “present” “space” as this 3-dimensional sweep of “billions and billions of…”
Ultimately, SSP is a psychological operation of deception and mass mind control to PREVENT the humans from discovering real navigation of the celestials, which can be found on the inner dimensions of our consciousness. What is “real” is invented. What is imagined, and navigated is real.