Published on May 6, 2017

Randy Maugans & Emily Moyer with Aurora: Visualizing Multi-dimensional Consciousness with the Flying Rainbow Lasagne

YouTube Channel:

Aurora is a self-described “walk-in” who entered the body of her host when it died in 2001, Identifying as ” neither male nor female, but encompasses the totality of consciousness”, telepathically connected and being part of a consciousness collective of hyperspace. Using sound, dance, color and shape to articulate the energetic frequencies as an “abstract energy pulse”, Aurora moves the discussion of human consciousness into a new bandwidth and the embrace of the cosmos as a playground for advance human expression.

Her weekly radio show, “Birth of a New Dimension” airs on UCYTV and can be found on YouTube at:

Feature music for the break video: “Emergence” by by Ben Rama
from “Creative Commons Vol. 1”
Title music: : “Futuristic Utopias” by Omnisense…