Published on Apr 29, 2017

04-29-2017-Cara St. Louis with Randy Maugans

A loose conversation centered around the occult, black magic, and the heightened aerosoling operations under the Trump admin.

How alternative media has been corporatized and fictionalized through big money contracts, conferences, and fake “alt-media” personalities.

Mind control operations, personality splits, how humans spin off “alters”, called Egregore; the disassociated “selves” as temporal “others” that become stranded and soul retrieval.

The operations of black magic using the energetics of key geo-locations like the Vatican , Washington, DC, City of London, etc.
The “in-auguration” of Trump, and why he is NOT the same “person” that the populace (s)elected. Black cube magic, spells, and word magic.

The “death” of David Rockefeller, and the possibility that he transmigrated, or “soul jumped”; Aleister Crowley soul jumping and the Montauck and 9-11 connections; the rumored “Bill Clinton Death Watch” occurring in the ramp up to Beltane (a/k/a “May Day”)….and more