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Elisa E.- Mind War: Psy-Ops, World-view Warfare, and Targeted Groups | OffPlanet Radio

Emily Moyer, Randy Maugans with MKULTRA survivor, Elisa E.,
author of “Our Life Beyond MKULTRA”


“This is the key point: the effective employment of air and space power has to do not so much with airplanes and missiles and engineering as with thinking and attitude and imagination.”— General Merrill A. McPeak, USAF.

Show notes/outline:
~Neocortical Warfare-RAND CORP.
~New World War Revolutionary Methods for Political Control by Mark M. Rich
~Doctrine For Joint Psychological Operations-Joint Chiefs of Staff publication

Contact In The Desert/Corey Goode/Steven Greer/
Wizard of Oz/”Over the Rainbow Programming”
The UFO scene, conferences as addiction; critical for people de-programming to attend these events—which can be re=programming venues for TIs, ex-Black Ops operatives, MPD/DID, SRA survivors, etc.
Isolation and exposure risks at major events like UFO conferences
Steven Greer. Plasma ships, Contact In the Desert, energy-based mind control, mass hypnosis.
Elisa’s programming to Steven Greer; the International UFO Conference in Laughlin; how she was programmed into a situation where she was deployed as an assassin; Greer is a programmed asset of the CIA; Podesta designated agent for “disclosure” program; has ongoing contact with John Podesta and Hillary Clinton

Elisa’s encounter with Steven Greer at IUFOC. (00:25:00)
Induced states, neuro-linguistic programming, and layered signals.
Staged meetings, mind controlled actors/operatives planted to monitor and harrass targeted attendees
Connections to conferences, intelligence agencies, key “asset” media outlets like Project Camelot.
We discuss what the “Secret Space Program”: a mind control program that operates as a front for weapons programs and atmospheric mind control; Corey Goode just the latest version of a long series of planted assets, used to exploit people in the UFO, “Exopolitics” movements; Exopolitics is a money-making operation; SSP is a truth, but NOT what is presented.
The Theme of the Meme is the Blue Avians. Goode is using indoctrination to cancel out the menacing aspects of the secret weapons programs; the multi-tiered aspects of SSP; masking sexual abuse, pedophilia, and traumatic mind control programs; “Mars” programming, screen memories; “space” as it is presented is a myth; SSP uses simulations, induction, and hypnosis on subjects.
Elisa talks about her experiences with a UFO abductees group. Group was a “honeypot operation” for programming; encounter with a humanoid entity; a visit to “red place” (Mars?), MiLABS. Rape and sexual programming as “Kundalini”.
SSP as cover-up for various clandestine operations, A.I., transhumanism and plasma weaponry. Orbs and Sphere Beings to present plasma weaponry as exotic and exciting “sci-fi”-type imagery.
How MILABS and Super Soldier programs emerged as conduits for misdirection.
Exopolitics has replaced MUFON. Well financed, celebrities, glossy “Hollywood” presentation. Legitimate expositors of information on SSP, Catherine Austin-Fitts, Joseph Farrell; researching verifiable information vs. the undocumented programs; psycho-spiritual aspects of “disclosure”.
Unacknowledged Special Access Programs.
Release of MK-ULTRA documents was a controlled leak to hide the major programs and agendas.
Exopolitics, SSP as “magnets” to sustain the illusions about “outer space” programs; it is a belief system; the balance between the intellectual and spiritual exploration of all phenomenon. Levels of information that do not exist as documentation.
The Spiritual.BIZ interview with Corey Goode on making money from “spirituality”; the CULT being built around The Sphere Being Alliance and the Blue Avians; ascension; cults are money-making operations.
Whistleblowers usually wind up being stalked, abused, targeted, broke, and marginalized—how does Corey Goode wind up on the talk circuit, feted, put up in nice home, being paid high dollars, and running a media entertainment enterprise. Glamorizing mind control.
Disposable “assets”: Max Spiers, the sacrifice of key figures; invitation to walk away from the agencies’ agenda, join us in exploring and exposing the truth—not the fictions deployed as deep psychological operations to hide their agendas.