Randy Maugans & Emily Moyer with Alfred Lambremont Webre
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Alfred Lambremont Webre on Pedogate, The Exopolitical aspects of slavery, trafficking, and sexual exploitation. Aspects of the alternative communities, compelling evidence of offworld interference, the “trickledown” effects on human psychopathology and aspects related to the near-future turn of events that can free humanity from predation.

1.BEAR.&.CO.omniverse-9781591432159_hrThe Omniverse: Transdimensional Intelligence, Time Travel, the Afterlife, and the Secret Colony on Mars Paperback
by Alfred Lambremont Webre (Author)

Alfred Lambremont Webre’s book documents the 2014 scientific discovery of the Omniverse as the 3rd cosmological body [in addition to the Universe (scientific discovery 3500BC) and the Multiverse (scientific discovery 1895) through which humanity understands the Cosmos.

1954 Greada Treaty: (Orion Greys – Draco Reptilians – Anunnaki)

I: Established human trafficking in the solar system & galaxy as lawful & legal, until Greada Treaty is abrogated.

Provides the legal & institutional [Government, law enforcement, social services, religions, etc] for lawful human trafficking on Earth jurisdiction and outer Space jurisdiction.
• Non-Disclosure is Legal and Lawful: classifications, need-to-know, confidentiality, compartmentalisation, the covert operations of Government.
• Marketing in body parts internationally by hospitals and private butchers is Legal and Lawful.
• Marketing in sex slaves internationally (for DynCorps and other “defense” contractors) is legal and lawful.
• Virtual Kidnapping and Marketing in social services, children removed from homes at risk is legal and lawful.
• Virtual kidnapping and using humans for experimentation is legal and lawful.

We need new ET Treaty negotiations, and not just for commercial interests; but for Human Rights interests.
OUTCOME 1: Make non-consensual human-trafficking illegal.

OUTCOME 2: Remove Doctrines and Dogmas promoting violence from religious holy texts that permit this as a social norm, and were originated by manipulatory interdimensional ETs promoting violence.

Reptilian Influence: Annunaki have affected religion, society, politics and social norms.

OUTCOME 3: All this must be repealed, interdicted at the Source, by having Annunaki Principals engage in and abrogate their interests in human trafficking, sex slavery, abductions and human experimentation, which is currently permitted by ET treaties such as the Greada Treaty & Others, including the TPP.

Historical Background – Subject Heading

• Reptilian-Human-Grey Exopolitical Dynamics in Milky Way Galaxy.
Exo-phenotypes Reptilian & Human
Reptilians Draco wars on humans in Lyra constellation leading to human diaspora in Galaxy
Draco-Orion Wars for occupation of solar system Tiamat asteroids, Mars
Earth Reptilian planet – age of dinosaurs
Lemuria Atlantis wars
Reptilian occupation 4D & Inner Earth/Agarthans.
Anunnaki Reptilian allies Religion & Government
Draco Human Food source & Loosh
Homo Sapiens Sapiens – Tripartite brain: Reptilian, Mammalian, Rational neocortex
Human Institutional Adoption of Reptilian-Anunnaki Pedocriminal
Churches Secret Societies Satanic Religions from Babylon
Judaism & Jesuits
Finance & Bankers
Ninth Circle Pope John Paul II Vatican – Jesuit priest
CIA Time travel preidentification
POTUS CIA Executive decision to supply American children to DUMBS
Middle East & domestic USA (40 million multigenerational Satanic families); TO off planet & Underground Draco (Treaties)
Reptilian USA Rockefeller Rothschild
Gov Winthrop Rockefeller YLS 1966 Clintons
John Podesta Rockefeller initiative 95
Bill Clinton Chief; Obama Chief; Hillary campaign Chief – Reptilian CIA political pedocriminal

2015 Jade Helm AI from 1982 Falklands war Marconi Labs
Singularity 2015 not 2045 – Kurzweil; Gates; Prince Charles
2016 Election – Clinton Reptilian
Trump Russian Mafia child prostitution Wiki leaks
White hats & Putin Sochi Declaration result in Pizzagate Pedogate Epstein (Mar A Lago groundskeeper daughter was one of girls)
White Hat prosecutions
Clinton & Trump products of RR Satanic Mafia & Russian mafia

AI singularity 2015-2045
Ascension – Consciousness Density Shift 3rd density to 5th Density Love/Unity Consciousness
House cleaning of US 2nd American revolution – Law of 1871 & Original constitution
Abrogation of Greada Treaty & Renegotiation of new ET Treaties.
Comet Ping-Pong Pizzagate False Flag Shooter “Crisis Actor” Meme Exposed!
“Web Sheriff” & the Hampstead UK pedophile & ritual child sacrifice hub
Pedophile Cover-up: Hampstead UK Police, Social Services, Courts brainwash whistleblower kids, send mother & legal helper into exile, protect Satanist abuser father
CIA, Pope John Paul II, Bush Sr. & Jr., Bill/Hillary Clinton do ritual child sacrifice. The Transhumanist Agenda is the core driver of global pedophile, child sacrifice and child-trafficking networks.