Published on May 29, 2017
 Sethikus Boza joins Randy Maugans & Emily Moyer for an expanded view into the once and future wars. Mankind (the male and female) lost itself long ago in an epoch that split dimensions, worlds, and the human consciousness. In this present age we now have the means to return, to take back, and advance our estate to who and what we were, and are.

Dark forces of the Archons, Demon/Satanic agendas, the misapplication of the Great Work, and spellcasting by a New Age agenda that has infiltrated every level of the spiritual communities.
It is NOW time for the Rising. Join us for the In-sight.


Intro to Seth and the great work, the great year; the truth about “disclosure”: the aliens are NOT our saviours.
The ETs no longer have cosmic jurisdiction.
The 7 chakra system as the root of mind control.
Sacred geometry as the grid of black magic system: the golden ratio, Fibonacci, and the ourobous as a self-terminating iteration.
The history that goes back to destruction of Tiamat and Maldek.

The process of seperation from the “wheat from chaff”, the synthetic system vs. the organic.
The initiation process, dark night of the soul.
“My truth” vs. absolute truth (knowing).
New age paradigms, mind control, the Secret Space Program/Super Soldiers, and alien mind tricks.

Shamanic lore, the rituals, and initiations:

The Wisdom Councils; how the dark one stole the lore (they did not even finish their initiations); the 5,000 year history of the Lore; the Cult of Dagon/Vatican/Zionist dark agents;
the war between the sorcerors and wizards.

The personal gnosis, the genuine internal structures of integrating right knowledge and correct practices.

How the ’60s generation squandered their spiritual inheritance during the Aquarian Rising era.
Doug Ingle of Iron Butterfly and The War on Rock (“The Covert War Against Rock”), how intelligence agency operatives infiltrated and sabotaged the rock revolution; and turned the consciousness revolution into a giant energy harvest.

Hallucinogenic drugs and tapping into the lower astral; a true Shaman does not need hallucinogens. Programmed drugs and intelligence agency wizards.

We live in a system of harvesting and parasitic rulers; the shifts on the earth and shifts in the human consciousness; the great lost traditions of the ancestors, the pre-life screening system that tracks souls between lives (bardo); how we are manipulated through incarnations and how we break that cycle this time: KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

It’s ALL about genetics.
There are no “saviors” coming in—benevolent ETs are NOT going to save us.
Human consciousness hails from Lyra. The destruction of Tiamat destroyed the bridge of worlds through the Metaverse.
How Saul of Tarsus, through Judaism, hijacked the works of the man known to us as Jesus the Christ.
The Heart Center, The Thalmus, and The Throat Chakra are the key to the Bridge back to the Metaverse.
Explaining the 3, 9, 6 programming codes.
We are all one as a mantra of servitude; reversing that equation and reinstalling the Wisdom Councils. When division are justified, and how communities come together to weed out predators.

Lucifer’s main objective is to prevent us from REMEMBERING WHO WERE.
Terrence McKenna and Timothy Leary, the CIA operatives who hijacked the path to who you are.
4 main timelines running on the spiral gridwork.
The 2 main timeline left are to be consummated in the next 4 years.
Biotech and transhumanism are being rolled out. “The Running Man” syndrome.

The split of worlds in consciousness, dimensionality, and timelines.

The codes that are awakening now. Most people live in an endless humdrum cycle of boredom and minutiae; even the seasonal cycles are UNNATURAL. Man’s own cycles are mirrored by the Earth; the torus fields of the Earth are the macro of man’s own toroidal field energetics.
Everything in existence is a projection of consciousness.
Slave consciousness roots the being into being energy harvested.