I spent time today watching some ‘Tubes. This one, and latest from Clif High, both hitting (still) on Corey Goode. At the outset I will say this is fairly good research work by DJ. Clif High’s points related to the screwing of the webbot data with this false narrative by Goode & Co. High does call out Jay Weidner over at Gaia TV. I think most of us respected Jay’s work. Sorry he whored out to this.


Clif HIgh-Crocodile cryptos and pissin’ in the woo-woo pond (sans annoying title)

What DJ misses—and it is huge—is that the conversation keeps getting twisted: from the perspective of this video, it is about Goode’s business partner, known as Emma Gold, and his Satanist leanings; also about the commercial aspects with Gaia TV, and now the media blitz with comic books and photogenic millenials pouring into the “dislosure movement”.

What that is about is called cynically, “fresh meat”. Most UFOlogists are now in their 60s. The generation after the Woodstock crowd and later, were not the movers of of current media. Goode himself is middle-age. The “movement” not only needs fresh blood (literally), but fresh money.

What is completely obliterated in both the mega-entertainment big tent show AND well mannered journalisitic reportage like DJ, is about the actual—the true disclosers (forget “whistleblowers”, it’s a legal term and it’s tarnished anyway)—the ones who were IN projects, who actually were part of the CIA-run Project Talent/MKULTRA/DELTA/MONARCH/OFTEN sub-projects.

While the historical trail is thin, FOIAs and documentation scant, and mostly redacted; the human evidence is abundant. Yet, because of the slavish insistence that there be PROOF; that detailed documentation, photos, records be offered up; nearly all human proof of the real projects is being obscured from the landscape. One generation from now, the very same intelligence operatives who have co-mingled bullshit fantasies with brutal hard-core revelations will have silenced a generation of black project survivors.

It isn’t about the dismal fantasy-seeking, money grubbing, and glitzy show biz ambiance of Contact In the Desert, or TV shows with make-up crews. It isn’t about the greedy so-called Satanist who is managing Corey Goode’s media franchise.

It IS about the voices of survivors. People who hold legitimate intel about dark operations, secreted technologies, the agenda of the ruling class in corporate-military-intelligence; and the real science and occult aspects of who/what runs this world at present.
It is about the suffering, the uncounted dead bodies which were failed “experiments” at the hands of Nazi scientists in the formative years of CIA mind control programs.
It about the clandestine operations that left unchecked, unaccountable, will wreak havoc on the entire populace of this world. You don’t need Blue Avians and Orb people to tell you that we are all in deep shit—unless we refocus on the basics, and reclaim our humanity. Before it, too, is wiped completely from memory.

Note: Due to the importance nature of this video and it’s many revelations, you may at your discretion…