Published on Jun 11, 2017

OffPlanet Radio Special Report – Randy Maugans & Emily Moyer with Andrew Basiago , childhood subject of jump room and Tesla Quantum Access technology; Project Talent, and the Mars ARK projects, joins us for an extensive examination of the so-called “alternative media”.

PDF Original show notes:

In this, part 1, of a two-part, three-hour interview we break out the critical aspects of Truth Movement infiltration and subversion—and name the agents:
~The truth movement is threatened by subversion from within and without.
~. The truth is actively attacked by opinion makers in the mainstream media.
~Academic gatekeepers within the Truth Movement regularly attack truth tellers, misrepresent their testimony, suppress their testimony, and foment public disdain for truth tellers.
~Synthetic activists working for the US intelligence community steer the Truth Movement toward ineffectual outcomes.
~Synthetic scholars contrive false claims and inconsequential research priorities.
~Synthetic experiencers dilute the force of and confuse the public about real experiencers.

We discuss the standards by which all information should be presented, assessed, and critiqued; how COINTELPROL Ops have been in effect since the advent of independent internet media; and how gatekeepers are installed to prevent genuine research and investigation.