OffPlanet Radio Special Report – Randy Maugans & Emily Moyer with Andrew Basiago , childhood subject of jump room and Tesla Quantum Access technology; Project Talent, and the Mars ARK projects, joins us for an extensive examination of the so-called “alternative media”.
PDF Original show notes:

In this, part 2, of a two-part, three-hour interview, we go into the mechanics of alternative media subtrefuge. How key figures, positioned in the media outlets, deploy tactics to obscure, discredit, undermine, and destroy legitimate inquiry into extraordinary narratives of disclosers—while inserting their own false personae and highly crafted stories to generate confusion and disbelief.

~Discuss the motives and tactics of Major Ed Dames, Linda Moulton Howe, Richard C. Hoagland, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy/Project Camelot; David Wilcock, Michael Bara, Richard Dolan, Alexandra Bruce…
~Fake Supersoldiers, character assassins; Michael Hemmingsom/Former White Hat Operative and the Idylwild Group: The Idylwild Group:
Bill Ryan
Kerry Cassidy
Michael Hemmingson
Richard C. Hoagland
David Wilcock
Sean David Morton
James Casbolt
James Rink

The Colbert Report ambush; Tory Smith and Alexandra Meadors, incredible slander and vicious accusations.
~Fake persona operatives and fake deaths: Michael Hemmison,
Max Spiers, Tory Smith
~Hidden pasts, fake names, and false claims; wordsmithing and semiotic manipulations