Clif High is the programmer and owner of the Webbot, a future viewing radical linguistics database and algorithm that predict future trends based on the emotional content of language on the internet. He joins us for a rousing two hours of cutting edge discussion.

Topics/ Notes
Hour 1:
~Language and temoral displaement
~Buckminster Fuller and N. A. Kozyrev
~The correlation between now and the 1930s. an energy trough that we have lived through all of our lives, and the new energetics that will build up and run for the next 100 years.
~Social engineering from the 1830s, the utopians and various early technology pioneers: a wave precursor of the late 20th-early 21st century; the boundary mirror on both sides of the boundary; CERN and time manipulation; the wider human development of cognitive abilities that could preclude social engineering and controls.
~Temporal awareness in the 1930s era, later disappears in the 1960s; we now are going back into that era of heightened temporal awareness; and the ability to alter time and temporal awareness.
~ Space energies heightened; top of the earth ripped off—reduced oxygen levels on the earth.
~Crypto currencies, block chain: how it works, security; the good and bad; speculation vs. value.
~Fed contractors on the dark web; champions of crypto due to need to conceal transactions
~A monetary store (hard assets/precious metals) vs. a true currency; the VALUE of Bitcoin is in the code and it’s ability to tranmit value securely and with trusted accounting; the HASH encryption/decryption schema; the speculation aspects: an emotional response.
~The stability of crypto, the internet, and the power grid; vulnerabilities and strengths.
~The war of the gods and the “Changer”; arrival of the Sky People. the wars between Sky People and Star People. How these wars are programmed into our collective psyche, even our DNA; Fight, Flight, Freeze as instinctive responses to threat.
~Planetary influences on climate and human behavior.
~The early beginnings of the webbot: SUN DISEASE…and now the foreshadowing of the coming ice age…blue plasma energy, huge build-ups of energy in the ionosphere…huge lightening blasts carving the Grand Canyon… David DuByne of Adapt2030 on YouTube…Walter Thornhill, David Talbot “Thunderbolt of the Gods”.
~DNA is NOT what we think: Epigenetics as a key to self-transformation on the mental and cellular levels; connections to Tao and Chi energy with epigenetics. “Most humans never change…” (Krishnamurti)
~Stillness, collapse, and Kozyrev’s work; consciousness and the ability to find answers; tent revivals of the 1930s, the 1960s revivals; now the open-air mystical experiences; psychedelics/entheogens; New Age, and ….

Hour 2:
~The yogi and the Bluebirds: the quest for something bigger…enter the Orb Beings…Corey Goode, David Wilcock; Google search on Corey Goode, Blue Avians…etc. contains NO negative information; Clif reveals the gaming the Google search engine (SEO) using templates, key word searches, byte codes…a deep “official” operation of skewing web searches.
~Hard researchers vs. soft disclosure”…how legitimate researchers with evidence are marginalized, i.e. Sean Gautreaux, WHO/WHAT IS IN OUR SKIES…
~Corey Goode/Blue Avians as a social engineering project.
~Who is Constantine? The creation of a monolithic narrative/quasi-religious structure: Blue Avians.
~The contamination of the emotional language in the webbot by Goode/Wilcock/Weidner utilizing the reports’ Antarctica material. Promulgating emotional reactions; cult-like usage of semiotics, imagery, and language.
~Issues with David Wilcock
~Incarnational issues with sociopathy/psychopathy.
~Jimmy Church and the “infltration” of UFOlogy; the language behind of Contact In The Desert as a tent meeting; the language co-opted; how a cult points fingers outside itself to own the narrative.
~Clif’s detection of stolen narratives in the model space of the webbot; the contamination of the data was being redeployed by the Corey Goode camp. How Clif trapped the Gaia(m) effect in the data.
~The importance of Antarctica
~Spirituality in UFOlogy
~The myths and mind control of “ascension”.
~Bill Ryan as Puppetmaster, Jimmy Church as the Enforcer of “order” in the Space Goat Farts sectors.
~Colonel Marrs: The War Through Time, hunters and collectors of past life artifacts; how we have an image/visage through incarnational cycles. Augmenting life cycles with time manipulation via CERN.

~Corey Goode could wind up the “sacrificial lamb”?; the death culture behind “super-soldier” media figures. The Baphomet image, Ramsaur (the Goat God). Strange fire inside the Corey Goode camp.