Randy Maugans & Emily Moyer: A casual, brief podcast on some current issues…


~The energetic systolic attack modes; the blackhole sun eclipse, A.I.
~How researchers get taken over by the very forces they oppose, e.g. Harald Kautz-Vela
~The A.I. infection of certain media figures; the neurological aspects of social media; we are plugging into a torrent of energetic communications in a hive mid mode.
~We are interfacing with people at very rapid speeds; we have control of the vector of engagement. It is not one-to-one, but one-to-many in exponential numbers.
~The issues behind community 0n the net and social media.
~The robotic aspects of people who assume A.I.-like personas; the rate of data being pushed out to the participants; we cannot process data at machine level speeds.
~The Machine Messiah…
~How rapid data speeds outstrip discernment and judgment filters. We are processing binary code into a human interface.
~Targeting and machine learning methods that adapt to our ongoing levels of perception. Refinement of data to match end users’ tastes.
~The system wars: war on the nervous system, war on the endocrine system.
~We also discuss the August 21 American Eclipse and some tips on dealing with energies and taking care of the body and spirit.