Randy and Emily take up the big issues in this most intense period of turbulence and transition Segment 1: Burning Man—literally as a human appears to have jumped into a fire and burned alive at the Burning Man Festival. What are implications of this techno- tribal gathering? Effigy and de-humanization, ritual sacrifices, mind control, and ritual sacrifice. Segment 2: Hacking The Construct: Dark data-we discuss the cults of personality in alt-media and why we do not promote people or agendas. How consumers need to be responsible and discerning about all information and sources. The 08-21-17 “Solar Eclipse”…what really occurred? Did we see a code injection? A reset? We discuss the strange aspects of this historic eclipse event that vectored through the US along occult lines: Did we just culminate a 16-year cycle of wars, terrorism, economic high crimes? Did it signal the separation of two conjoined worlds—did we “jump the rails” and move into another timespace? The Saturn-Moon matrix and our solar system mechanics as a clock system of enslavement to the birth-death recycling of human energy. The “two worlds” theory and how this may actually occur; the Mandela Effects and how this cycle may conclude with deletions and a much smaller race of “people” on the new earth.