OffPlanet Radio Podcast with Randy Maugans & Emily Moyer Guest: Ra Castaldo

Truth Frequency Radio:
Spiral Radio:
Our guest joins us from the regions of the Hudson Valley in New York state, and from the nether worlds of places deep and mystical. He works as a hereditary Strega Shaman, poet, musician, mystic and dream seer. He previously appeared with us, and and friend, Lauda Leon, in mid-August of this year; he has hosted the long-running show Spiral Radio on ParaX Radio Network, and the brand new show on Truth Frequency Radio, Eye of Ra. We expect nothing less than the unexpected—we welcome back Ra Castaldo. Ra talks about his childhood interactions with various entities, strange visions, and experiences; his lineage and calling to carry the Strega shamanic mantle; the concept of the spiral; reclaiming this world from alien parasitic beings; the concepts behind The A.I.and this present time of unfolding…and more…