Clif High returns for the second installment examining the mechanisms, methodologies, and meaning of TIME. Part 1:


The Kali Yuga, language shifts since the 2012 event; noted inaccuracies of models used by black ops projects “broken; and the mysteries of the hydrogen ion. ~The Little Bloop Theory (NOT the “Big Bang”) of continuous creation;expansion/contraction interactions with human consciousness and physiciality. ~NASA discovers a mysterious “hiss” sound in the earth’s plasma field. (The sound of the bloop). ~Universe pulses 22 trillion times/second; each “bloop” creates its own space, therefore space continually expands. ~John Chang pushes chopstick throug a solid wood table. ~Time is universally malleable; Time is locally discrete. ~Time is self-correcting in each bloop/cycle. ~Harold W. Percival (1868 – 1953)Thinking and Destiny. ~Time synchronization; anomalies, and “internal time”; uses of meditiative states and hallucinogenics to stop or change time; the perceptual “now” . ~The matter/anti-matter components of the UFOs and the mind-body interface of the Roswell craft. Consciousness exists in a template that can be theorretically copied and pasted; bi-location…one cannot go “back” in time, due to the “ever increasing complexity” aspect of the bloop.One cannot, likewise, go “forward” because future does not yet exist….we can go 1-10 seconds “out” due to the bubbles of the bloop interacting with the now. All states of time are within the expansive NOW of perception…and more…grab a notebook and pencil.