James Bartley, The Cosmic Switchboard:

‎ Veteran Investigator and pioneering radio show host Randy Maugans of talks about Cryptocurrencies, Artificial Intelligence, the Transgender Movement, Soul Harvesting and much more. Randy Mauganus also talks about how alot of what people think are not their own thoughts but thoughts installed by the matrix control system that we live in created through social engineering, tv, pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs which gives us a fake freedom in order to create a hive mind system. Randy explains bitcoin, how it works and what the block chain is. Randy also talks about how bitcoin is not functioning how it was originally intended to function in the satoshi white papers because of wild speculation. In Part 2 Randy Maugans talks about his own personal experiences including Milab/Project Type Experiences. This is a fascinating, enlightening and thought provoking interview. The part 2 is available for subscribers at