This is a VERY complex scheme, of which I am part , and forced to deal with. It’s not new: I found out about the earliest iterations of this back in 2012-13 when I was presented with a series of data dumps and analysis by a contact of mine. That contract was/is a “targeted individual” with a degree in computer science from a prestigious university.  This contact has since “disappeared”, but was known to several of my close associates and left both their data analysis and email trail as proof. That information is secured as “poison pill” in the event that authorities ever become interested in this sordid affair. Sadly, this is bigger than the FBI. Much bigger.

Email from “BD” dated August 2016

The video with this post will serve as a rough primer, and was made by another contact, who had no knowledge of my prior contact or their data analysis. “BD” is a French Canadian named Ben Deschenes, who swerved into a series of unmistakable “coincidences” regarding a tactic called subhost exploits involving “alternative media” personalities.

Now, from a technical standpoint, it is even difficult to get a working model of HOW subhost domains actually operate. The short answer is that specialized IP switching allows any node on an IP address to be aliased as a NAME attached to that server with specialized processes and operations performed under the top level domain…things like porn linking, electronic money transfers, propagation of data related to criminal activites. (See:

In the case of my earlier contact, who warned me—repeatedly —that this was not just a cheap attack or malicious prank, but had earmarks of some very explicit criminal activity that related to “gaming” internet traffic and monetization. Think: Google Adsense and monetized YouTube channels.

The additional bonus: using the very media that was supposed to be exposing child trafficking, pedophilia, and financial “tyranny”. Using the very platforms from which these media outlets operated—by hijacking permutations of their names and branding—and turning them into conduits for such.

I have to admit, at the time I did not take this seriously. Even given the depth of data that pointed at certain high profile “alt-media” figures who were harvesting obscene amounts of money from their activities. Given that we now can prove THAT activity masked traffic worth magnitudes of thousands over those amounts! I admit: I didn’t believe it myself.

In the case of my earlier contact, there is evidence of these exploits being tied to money laundering, pornography and child porn, human trafficking, drug running, AND some very nasty slander/libel and gang stalking. All just thrown in for “fun”.

As BD’s video will demonstrate, this is a nefarious game with many twists, many objectives, and crosses international boundaries. The perps have every fingerprint of black intelligence agency operations and lead to the doorsteps of their minions: international crime organizations, private corporations, financial institutions, web hosting services (GODADDY), and the very authority purposed with managing web domain URL names and IP addresses: ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)—which was conveniently placed into the international wilds after the Obama administration and Congress signed off on displacing it’s US authority via NITA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration).

I will provide more posts and information in follow-ups. I warn you: this is (deliberately) tedious and technical. But, stripped of its black ops ploys and uber-technical complexities, it is just another scam with many goals that, at its simplest, are the same techniques used by phone scammers, mail fraudsters, and credit card hijackers: illicit use of another person’s identity and or brands to steal, usurp, and discredit the victims WHILE running illicit money operations.

In the last week (as of date of post) two internet talk show hosts began talking bout this matter on a YouTube video after finding a French language Canadian website, hosted by my contact, BD. Sadly, they neither did the basic research on what this scheme involves, or bothered to verify the information.  Instead, they REVERSED the entire story and stated that they found a list. A list of”alternative talk show hosts involved in pedophilia and human trafficking”! My name was repeatedly dropped as being a willing participant in the scheme, along with a string of slanderous/libelous statements and unsupported accusations about myself and other internet personalities. (No, I will not post the link. Their YouTube viewership is low enough to contain the video, for now, to less than a couple hundred viewers).

Understand this: I am NOT complicit with any usage of servers on the internet for any of the such above. I do NOT own, rent, lease, or possess ANY servers attached to the internet in my capacities as a media provider. OffPlanet Radio-TV, Randy Maugans, and our associates use only hosted services by third party providers to provide website hosting and media storage. Neither in my public, private, or any other activities, do I have such access and usage as is implied. I AM A VICTIM of identity theft, slander/libel, and targeting. My name and public branding have been hijacked as cover for disgusting purposes that are in opposition to my character, morals, and goals.