Hour 1 of the full 2 hour conversation. The full effect at:
Robert Phoenix joins us for a tour of the landscape and culture as we enter transit Chiron to Aries.

Hour 1: Chiron in Aries
The Shift of Chiron, events conforming. Chiron in Pisces shifts to Chiron in Arties The Korean dance with Chiron The astrological cipher, the wounded healer Anthony Sutton: US propping up various dictatorships and juntas; N. Korea’s usefullness is spent; US moves focus back to middle east; N. Korea to move into ascendency as an industrial force. The film, “A Quiet Place” and the Chiron influence: released 04-06; metaphors of the wounded healer; water imagery in a subterranean space. Chiron in Aries shift is portrayed. The Canadian “white van” attack; Elliot Roger and the cult of Incels, voulutary celibates protesting feminism; astrotheology and symbolisms in media events The Max Headroom Effect: how TV evolved out of the box into a global plasma screen; “on-the-fly” editing of the dominant narratives in media; “pixels in play” with digital music, video, and even money; we have moved from consuming media to being media. Identity: the politics of identity in the transgender/non-binary movements; the DARE program as example of reverse programming via “prevention” or “awareness programs; Human flesh as programmable matter; the ideal of the hermaphrodite vs. the medical/pharmaceutical models of an “Altered Carbon” approach to human expression; transcendence vs. externalization; David Bowie as the model for fluidity…sexual ambiguity as the model for the shaman via Camille Paglia; lving inside a world of limitations and how tech is now installing a nihilistic change program; the inner journey vs. the external processes of gender alteration via physical intervention—spiritual laziness; outward identites vs. conflict resolution as a growth process; sensation vs. feelings 054:00: Robert: “No spokespeople for the true transformation.”; Porn destroys imagination; the male sexual program of conquest. The United States will go through Chiron return as a route to healing.

Hour 2: Uranus in Taurus…subscribe.