OffPlanet TV-Episode 15-08-05-15- Roger Landry:Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Roger Landry, founder of The Liberty Beacon Project joins us for the follow-up hour of “The Liberty Beacon Project: Eradicating Programmed Ignorance”. We discuss the pitfalls of the waking up process, isolation, fear, and the inevitable sense of despair that accompany breaking through the matrix mindset. Real alternative media is the antidote for falling back to sleep—become an activist.

Freeman TV interview with Randy Maugans

From Black Magick to Military Intelligence and on to UFO’s, this show will touch it all. What purpose is there to Chemtrails? Was Science Fiction guiding us to a prepared future or was it a dire warning? What dangers are inherent to the Transhumanist Movement; A.I., Militarized robots, Mind-Transfer Technologies and Surveillance of your every move. Can technology turn the tide for good?

OffPlanet TV-Episode 14-07-29-15- Cara St Louis: Exposing The Predator

Cara St. Louis joins us to pull together the pieces of her discoveries into what we will just call The Predator. We venture off on some “side trips” with Cara’s personal “ET” encounters, David Icke, bretharianism, and Cara’ insights in the heart chakra and morphogenic fields. We discuss the questions about the ubiquitous substance, aluminum and the menace of The Apex Predator that would take over the consciousness of the planet and humanity.

OffPlanet TV-Episode 11- 06-24-15 – Roger Landry: Media War On Programmed Ignorance

Roger Landry, the founder of the multisite media project, The Liberty Beacon, joins us to diagram and diagnose the state of of our media malaise. How Americans, specifically, and the entire planet, have been dumbed-down and programmed to accept “the facts as they are” of a world upside down. Landry calls it “programmed ignorance”, we know it better as the tyranny of the mind via mass media. The prescription is to throw off the mainstream media and immerse in the TRUTH.

OffPlanet TV-Episode 8-05-27-15-Robert W. Sullivan: Freemasonry and Cinema Symbolism

Robert W. Sullivan IV, joins us to exposit on the meanings in Freemasonry built upon the Royal Arch of Enoch, which sees the recovery of the Tetragrammaton. Enoch’s corporeal travels in the afterlife are very esoteric in nature including the gleaning of knowledge from the Watchers which ultimately become the seven liberal arts and sciences …we analyze the symbolisms embedded in films from “The Wizard of Oz” and “Frankenstein” to “The Truman Show” and “Fight Club”. The consistent threads of hidden meanings serve as metaphors, morality plays, and esoteric concepts that stream through the consciousness of the culture

OffPlanet TV – Episode-7 May 20, 2015-Scott Bennett: Trail Of Blood

2LT Scott Bennett was a counter-terrorism contractor for Booz, Allen, Hamilton; held a Top Secret/Sensitized Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) clearance, and performed global psychological warfare analysis for U.S. Special Operations Command, was targeted by insiders at DOJ and The US State Dept; served 36 months in a Federal Correctional Institute, where he met Swiss (UBS) Banker, Brad Birkenfeld, they proceed to combine data and intel to complete the picture of high level collusion, graft, and the funding of terrorist groups BY the CIA and military contractors through UBS and HSBC. Paralleling the disclosures of Assange’s Wikileaks and Edward Snowden’s NSA files.

Timothy Wyllie: The Helianx and Return of the Plumed Serpent

Timothy Wyllie has spent over fifty years traversing the crossroads of advanced human consciousness. In the latest release, “The Helianx Proposition or: The Return of the Plumed Serpent”, Wyllie realizes a 30 year vision: a hand illustrated and calligraphed volume, a sweeping cosmology that spans the multiverses and focuses on…humanity, and its nascent realization of who they are, and from where they came.

OffPlanet TV: Episode 1-Sevan Bomar-Inception|Conception

OffPlanet TV LIVE- 03-25-2015-with Sevan Bomar

Segment 2 we are joined by Sevan Bomar, author of the book, “The Code To The Matrix”, and a forerunner into the advanced consciousness movement. Coming back from a deeply immersive series of DMT experiences, and the shooting of a new documentary film, Sevan joins us to unpack some new concepts: Perception Inception

Video: Randy Maugans on Shoot From The Hip with Duncan O’Finioan

Discussion on: The banking system, prophecy, “Mystery Babylon”, pedophilia and the corridors of power, soul harvesting and pre-incarnation hijacking; imprints and soul destiny; how humans were psychically lobotomized; magic and spiritual healings; cattle mutilations, “half-cats” and opening of portals…talking smack woo-woo…

L. B. Bork: The Red Amendment-Communism In America

Jurist/Legal researcher, L. B. Bork sits in to discuss the details of the infamous 14th Amendment. L.B. exited the system over 20 years ago, after his own research revealed the key was correcting one’s status under law. He organized PAC (Peoples Alliance Coalition) in 1998 to provide Constitutional education and political insights that may enable one to live under our original Constitutional system.

R. Scott Lemriel: The Seres Agenda

R. Scott Lemriel has experienced first hand the workings of being who exist at the highest levels of extraterrestrial intelligence. He has learned of the ancient origins of the beings called “hu-man”, and the interventions and disruptions in the evolution of this race and its planetary home. An experiement called evil infected countless races creating a war-like predatory environment that has reached its zenith on this world, with this race of beings.

Jeanice Barcelo & Dr. Rebecca Carley: White Coats, Black Medicine

We welcome two of the leading edge researchers/practitioners in the field of alternate healing practices, and outspoken critics of the medical profession, to discuss the trauma-based practices in child birthing; neonatal care; about the violent paradigms of intrusive technology deployed against natural, healthy physical, emotional, and psychological development of children

Brother Gregory: The Iconoclast Church

In this interview, we get some insights on the actual meanings of some key words, and the concepts behind the teachings of Jesus, regarding the how the Church was to be the Kingdom of God on earth. While the visible churches, mainstream protestant and Catholic, represent the apostate churches of the New Global Order of Rome, these tiny, community-based congregations operate from a different economy—one of loving, sharing, and giving.