The first of a series of written interviews; interactions between the author/researcher and myself as we share common interests in the physics, metaphysics, and philosophical implications of “time” as, not a fixed, linear progression, but as a phenomena of mind, consciousness and human intentionality in a liquid medium that traverses dimensions, quantum states, and world scenes. We also invite YOU, the reader to interact with us with questions, comments, and insights.

ADDENDUM: Pending Further Investigation on David Jacobs and Emma Woods

I am posting this article link out as a foil to my recent interview David Jacobs, Ph.D, ret. Temple University. I was aware of the Emma Woods controversy, but not the full depth of other accusations, including something related to an upcoming interview on MKUltra.
If I got “snookered”, I will admit it; if this thing goes where I hope it does not, I will do the same as I encourage other researchers to do:Be honest and correct the record.

POKEMON GO, AI, and Operations of Magick

The digital realm IS a magick realm of 1s and 0s: its binary composition requires one additional layer—the human capacitor, which is uniquely gifted to CREATE. Because it has no “soul” per se, it also blends (real) evil into endless morphing of desires, fantasies, and “quests” that then can be manifest inside the algorithms of its realms.

IT’S WORKING! Social Media and Culture Transformation

Social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, et al. were financed BY the same people who gave you MSNBC, FOX NEWS, CNN…Sort of like an ant trap: one ant tastes the poison. It tastes like food. It carries it back—voila! The nest is poisoned. Only the smart, discerning ant, who knows how to test the food survives. The NEWS, and the MEMES which circulate via social media (the ants who carry the poison) are just the current iteration of the ongoing war on on human cognition.

The Saviour Programming: Keshe, Parkes, and Believe-ism

Saviour programming, a persistent theme in human behavior from ancient times. More recently, it has surfaced in the social corridors of the internet via an assortment of characters who either foretell, or (attempt to) fulfill the expectations of a desperate generation for the ONE who will end suffering and deliver Man into a “golden age”
Author Cara St. Louis notes:
“…the avalanche of Saviour Programming which has started to bury us in the last months of 2015, including Kautz-Vella, Greer, Parkes and now, seemingly most manic of all, Keshe. “-


Equinox arrives: the balance of days, and a season to prepare for the winter, and to gather the harvest of the summer. A time to look up at crisp, clear skies, and gather the light for a season of dark.

The Passing of Jef Harvey

We note, with great sadness, the passing of our friend and two time guest, Jef Harvey, who was a relentless fighter for transparency and disclosure on every level, including disclosure of the military-industrial–intelligence complex, black operations, the ET programs, and especially, the release to the world of the long suppressed technology to heal humanity of the diseases of this present age. He will be missed, but his quest will continue in his honor.

The Wave

The darkness has overtaken this part of the universe. This frequency wave is meant to balance this. A way to correct the many many mistakes made by many groups of beings over a very long period of time. This is your time to shine. Take advantage of it.

NASA-Military Insider on Biowarfare and Weaponize Mid Control

“…mind control of the entire planet is now possible…The transference of energy from one organism to another; the ability to heal or cause disease to be transmitted over a distance, thus inducing illness or death from no apparent cause; telepathic behavior modification which includes the ability to induce hypnotic states up to a distance of 1,000 kilometers have been reported. “—Lt. Col John B. Alexander

Chemtrails and Biological Weapons Redux

Sourced from Various Websites and Distribution Lists Archive Freely For Dissemination, Last updated 26/03/2006. This is an archived compendium of information on chemtrails, biological warfare projects, “solar dimming”, genetically engineered viruses, bio-phosphorous filaments, crystalline pathogens, mycoplasmas, and the strange cases of dead microbiologists over a four year period (2001-2004)—circumstances: Suspicious.