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DISCERNMENT ALERT: Simon Parkes and CERN Archons

What may occur will be the incursion of more entities wielding deceptions and murderous energies to feed from the fear and lust (lower energies) of the human race. Ultimately, unless it is shut down, the scientists at CERN, under control of the Black Magi, will open a portal between worlds/dimensions that will truly bring “hell to earth”.

Meet AI one (Apex)

The article below is  reposted from the post Meet Art Intell. ( AI one ) by The Ruiner http://theruiner777.blogspot.com on  7/24/2015 05:18:00 PM. We have discussed this subject also on OffPlanet TV-Episode 8-06-10-15-The Falling Skies with Chris Holly,as well...


The defining characteristic of HUMAN is compassion. IT does not have compassion. IT is the rising quantum nano AI/4D Behemoth that want to COMMAND AND CONTROL THE HUMAN DOMAIN.

~IT hates humans. That is IT’s only emotional correspondence. IT knows that if WE ever get our hearts together—IT is FINISHED.

Chris Holly on Are They Mine- Abductees Worst Fear

“The idea of being used to produce a child or life form that is only half human and that half coming from them is an idea that pushes the abductees to a point of deep concern and fear. I have been told over and over that their worse fear would be for them to come face to face with a being that they thought was theirs by way of their abductions.”


Below is the video of the 6-11-2015 edition of John B. Wells’ Caravan To Midnight show with “DJ”, a software engineer/network administrator, who spent 3 months purusing and analyzing documents to assemble a comprehensive analysis of the Jade Helm scenario. The material was appropriated, slightly modified by Jones and Jackson and aired/posted by InfoWars on June15, 2015. I heard the original airing on the Wells’ program, and examined the InfoWars show—the information is nearly identical with a minor “twist” (adding the eugenics meme).