Meet AI one (Apex)

The article below is  reposted from the post Meet Art Intell. ( AI one ) by The Ruiner on  7/24/2015 05:18:00 PM. We have discussed this subject also on OffPlanet TV-Episode 8-06-10-15-The Falling Skies with Chris Holly,as well...


The defining characteristic of HUMAN is compassion. IT does not have compassion. IT is the rising quantum nano AI/4D Behemoth that want to COMMAND AND CONTROL THE HUMAN DOMAIN.

~IT hates humans. That is IT’s only emotional correspondence. IT knows that if WE ever get our hearts together—IT is FINISHED.

Chris Holly on Are They Mine- Abductees Worst Fear

“The idea of being used to produce a child or life form that is only half human and that half coming from them is an idea that pushes the abductees to a point of deep concern and fear. I have been told over and over that their worse fear would be for them to come face to face with a being that they thought was theirs by way of their abductions.”


Below is the video of the 6-11-2015 edition of John B. Wells’ Caravan To Midnight show with “DJ”, a software engineer/network administrator, who spent 3 months purusing and analyzing documents to assemble a comprehensive analysis of the Jade Helm scenario. The material was appropriated, slightly modified by Jones and Jackson and aired/posted by InfoWars on June15, 2015. I heard the original airing on the Wells’ program, and examined the InfoWars show—the information is nearly identical with a minor “twist” (adding the eugenics meme).