OffPlanet TV-12-30-15- The Year That Is Was and Suz Pratt

2015 ends and the Babylon Bankers’ bookeeping system turns another year of turmoil…”out of the blue, into the black…”; the election that offers Jokers Wild and a Trump card…what shape is the Earth, again? Then Suz Pratt joins us to discuss variously, Ferguson, MO, life charting, manifesting scarabs, and healing generational wounds.

OffPlanet Radio Podcast-Ariyana Love: Critical Mass

Ariyana Love opens up about her life long involvement with the off-world beings who have been quietly guiding and aiding her, as well as numerous other souls incarnated into this time period. The latest transmissions from the ‘Council of Elders’; The Book of records; DNA awakening; the 2nd Earth. And we call on the “others”—those who sense they are part of the ambassadors to connect. Watch the video and you will know how.

OPTV & TLB SPECIAL Teleconference-The National Liberty Alliance with John Darash and Gerard

The National Liberty Alliance (SPECIAL) – Justice for We The People
A LIVE teleconference with:
Roger Landry (TLB) – Host, Founder of The Liberty Beacon Project
Randy Maugans – Co-Host, Off Planet Media Owner/Dir., TLB IT Dir. & TLB Radio Network Dir.
John Durash – National Liberty Alliance Founder and Facilitator
Gerard – National Liberty Alliance Founder and Facilitator

OffPlanet TV-12-09-15-Mamta Mishra-Breaking Through Autism

Mamta Mishra joins us to tell the story of her, and her family’s journey through autism. When her son, Parag, was diagnosed with autism Mamta began a quest to assure her son had the highest quality life experience she could provide. Her book is both a personal document of triumph and a primer for the care-givers who wish to break through the walls of autism and other profound cognitive disabilities.

OPTV and TLB Network-11-25-15-The Money Changers with James McCanney, Roger Landry, & Randy Maugans

Big Money, Big Government, Big War, and Big Debt. The FED, Vatican-Crown International Banking interests which seized control of the United States and turned it into a Corporate Oligarchy. The States now must begin to opt out of the FEDERAL SYSTEM… with The Liberty Beacon Network’s Roger Landry, featuring Prof. James McCanney,

~Z~ Accelerating The Quickening

~Z~ will reveal Himself in this conversation, and perhaps You as well. This message has a purpose and a targeted audience. We will tell you stories, and in them, you will find parts of yourself because you don’t who you are—or where you are. Resonance, or dissonance will depend on WHO you are Becoming.

OffPlanet TV 11-11-15-Broadcast From Flat Earth-Steven Miller and Dennis Simmons

An open-ended discussion on matters large and small…the Saviour Programs of Keshe and Simon Parkes; matters of law and the state of justice in the US, as well as the “crown” states of the Anglo-American empire; courts and common law; then in hour two, we delve into the “flat earth” phenomenon and the implications of a world that may not be what we are told…open-ended.

OffPlanet TV-08-19-15- Drake Bailey & Thomas Williams: The Plan

As America roiled under increasing oppression, a deepening depression, false flag terrorism, race riots, and increasingly militarized police action…quietly, THE PLAN has continued. In this interview, joined by host, Thomas Williams, a veteran researcher and ET experiencer, Drake outlines the state of the plan, which includes “The Wave”—a cosmic energy force now heading toward Earth for a September landing—in the midst of the projected most turbulent period of history…NOW.

OffPlanet TV-Episode 15-08-05-15- Roger Landry:Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Roger Landry, founder of The Liberty Beacon Project joins us for the follow-up hour of “The Liberty Beacon Project: Eradicating Programmed Ignorance”. We discuss the pitfalls of the waking up process, isolation, fear, and the inevitable sense of despair that accompany breaking through the matrix mindset. Real alternative media is the antidote for falling back to sleep—become an activist.

OffPlanet TV-Episode 14-07-29-15- Cara St Louis: Exposing The Predator

Cara St. Louis joins us to pull together the pieces of her discoveries into what we will just call The Predator. We venture off on some “side trips” with Cara’s personal “ET” encounters, David Icke, bretharianism, and Cara’ insights in the heart chakra and morphogenic fields. We discuss the questions about the ubiquitous substance, aluminum and the menace of The Apex Predator that would take over the consciousness of the planet and humanity.

OffPlanet TV-Episode 13-07-22 -15 Chris Holly: The Next Level Paranormal

Chris Holly joins Randy Maugans to unfold news and views from the world of UFOs and the paranormal. It is TIME to take things up to, as Chris says, “the next level” beyond the phenomena, past the cults of personality, out of the space of cottage industry flunkies and self-promoters. As the veil not just thins, but dissolves, more people are seeking answers and solutions. The matrix is breaking down, and sadly, so are the people living “under the dome”.

OffPlanet TV-Episode 12- 07-15-15 – Hour 2-Gloria Amendola: Mary Magdalene: First Century Avatar

Gloria is fascinated by the revelations the Ancient Ones have seeded into dreams and imprinted in cellular memory, she has istened to the whispers of the Ancient Ones along the way.—-a struggle to accept their arcane teachings because these teachings were so different than anything known before. Her work is a reflection of those possibilities, and of the complexity of the grail quest into that extraordinary repository of knowledge she calls the Well of Memories…

OffPlanet TV-Episode 12- 06-24-15 – Hour 1-Katherine Chiljan: Shakespeare Suppressed

WHO WAS THE STRATFORD MAN? THE BARD YE NEVER KNEW…KATHERINE CHILJAN is an independent scholar who has studied the Shakespeare authorship question for over 28 years. Chiljan was inspired to write Shakespeare Suppressed: The Uncensored Truth About Shakespeare and His Works (2011) after hearing a prominent English professor insult doubters of the traditional Shakespeare on national television.

OffPlanet TV-Episode 11- 06-24-15 – Roger Landry: Media War On Programmed Ignorance

Roger Landry, the founder of the multisite media project, The Liberty Beacon, joins us to diagram and diagnose the state of of our media malaise. How Americans, specifically, and the entire planet, have been dumbed-down and programmed to accept “the facts as they are” of a world upside down. Landry calls it “programmed ignorance”, we know it better as the tyranny of the mind via mass media. The prescription is to throw off the mainstream media and immerse in the TRUTH.

OffPlanet TV-Episode 9–06-10-15-David Mivshek: Fate Stacks

David Mivshek: Fate Stacks-Reality’s Storyline Decoded
David Mivshek is a musician, entrepreneur, and researcher, who in 2000 began to ask questions and devise a system of anagramic word puzzles called “Query Stacks” that revealed surprising answers that he feels were from God.
VIDEO ONLY: This show’s content is highly visual and is presented in video format only—there is no audio MP3 available.

OffPlanet TV-Episode 8-05-27-15-Robert W. Sullivan: Freemasonry and Cinema Symbolism

Robert W. Sullivan IV, joins us to exposit on the meanings in Freemasonry built upon the Royal Arch of Enoch, which sees the recovery of the Tetragrammaton. Enoch’s corporeal travels in the afterlife are very esoteric in nature including the gleaning of knowledge from the Watchers which ultimately become the seven liberal arts and sciences …we analyze the symbolisms embedded in films from “The Wizard of Oz” and “Frankenstein” to “The Truman Show” and “Fight Club”. The consistent threads of hidden meanings serve as metaphors, morality plays, and esoteric concepts that stream through the consciousness of the culture

OffPlanet TV – Episode-7 May 20, 2015-Scott Bennett: Trail Of Blood

2LT Scott Bennett was a counter-terrorism contractor for Booz, Allen, Hamilton; held a Top Secret/Sensitized Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) clearance, and performed global psychological warfare analysis for U.S. Special Operations Command, was targeted by insiders at DOJ and The US State Dept; served 36 months in a Federal Correctional Institute, where he met Swiss (UBS) Banker, Brad Birkenfeld, they proceed to combine data and intel to complete the picture of high level collusion, graft, and the funding of terrorist groups BY the CIA and military contractors through UBS and HSBC. Paralleling the disclosures of Assange’s Wikileaks and Edward Snowden’s NSA files.