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Alfred Lambremont Webre: Exopolitical Drivers of Pedocriminal Networks

Alfred Lambremont Webre on Pedogate, The Exopolitical aspects of slavery, trafficking, and sexual exploitation. Aspects of the alternative communities, compelling evidence of offworld interference, the “trickledown” effects on human psychopathology and aspects related to the near-future turn of events that can free humanity from predation.

Elisa E.- Mind War: Psy-Ops, World-view Warfare, and Targeted Groups

Emily Moyer, Randy Maugans with MKULTRA survivor, Elisa E., author of "Our Life Beyond MKULTRA" https://ourlifebeyondmkultra.wordpres... ARE MAJOR UFO CONFERENCES USED AS LURES FOR OPERATIVES TO BE RE-PROGRAMMED? WHAT ARE THE DANGERS TO TIs, OPERATIVES, SURVIVORS OF...

Cara St. Louis with Randy Maugans: Black Magic Beltane Ritual Spellcraft

A loose conversation centered around the occult, black magic, corporatized alternative media “alt-media” personalities,mind control operations, personality splits, how humans spin off “alters”, called Egregore; the disassociated “selves” as temporal “others” that become stranded and soul retrieval….more…

The Matrix Construct: Dani Arnold-McKinney with Randy Maugans

We discuss “The Construct”. We look through several theories from the idea of a computer simulation/hologram, to an actual physical construct using the “Mandela Effect” (Toto Effect/ WTF Effect) as the benchmark, or physical “symptom”…we are not in Kansas any more!!

Cynthia McKinney: Deconstructing The Deep State

OffPlanet Radio Randy Maugans & Emily Moyer with guest, Cynthia McKinney Official Facebook Page: Website: Former Congresswoman and 2008 Green Party US Presidential Candidate, Cynthia McKinney joins us for a...

The OverShow: US Gymnastics and Pedogate

A sideways trip into some dark areas like the USA Gymnastics sexual abuse scandals and then into Pedogate, and why it is THE one thing we have to end in order for the culture to heal and go forward; why so many things seem “over” like so-called “alt-media’ channeling ourselves, and the Seth Material.

Aug Tellez- Temporal Perception : Navigating Our Own Consciousness

Randy Maugans, Emily Moyer & Aug Tellez

Navigation of the fractal fabricated holographic construct: the navigation of physical space, temporal space and how programs utilize a matrix system.Randy Maugans, Emily Moyer & Aug Tellez

Aug Tellez joins us to explore concepts of navigation of the fractal fabricated holographic construct, of physical space, temporal space and how programs utilize a matrix system.

Robert Phoenix’ 15 Minutes of Flame: Randy-Maugans-Pizza Hut Gate

We discuss Pizzagate, pedophilia, and the George Takei Pizza Hut commercial that featured a leering glance by Takei to the pizza delivery boy’s crotch, an actual game of PING PONG, and the creepy phallic “head” Takei pulls out of the box…did George just get head in a major commercial?

Sofia Smallstorm: Crossfit Cults & Altered Athletes

Emily Moyer with Sofia Smallstorm: Crossfit Cults & Altered Athletes In this special edition of Off Planet Radio I talk to the one and only Sofia Smallstorm. Sofia is well known, and loved for her research and presentations on chemtrails, Morgellon's and an...

Robert Phoenix: The Ides of March Show

Robert Phoenix, Astrologer/Guide/Scribe at Robert Phoenix joins Emily Moyer and Randy Maugans for a sizzling Ides Eve mind meld. Talking Ides of March, Trump, Pence, Kushner, Ashley Judd, Punk Rock, resetting the economy, re-imagining...

Crrow777: Moon Wave Matrix Programming

Our guest is Crrow777, the man behind the documentary videos of the Moon Wave Effect, fearless researcher and debunker of matrix programming, and deep practitoner of “ring of truth” reasoning. Here to take on a wide range of topics, and HOW to think about them.

Dana Donlon: We are Our Own Best Creators

Dana Donlon joins us to discuss Imagination & Creation Website: Dana is the creator of Stellarpax, a secure, private social community for experiencers of paranormal activities, UFOs, and alien interference, which features forums, custom...

Duncan OFinioan: Supernatural Eruption

Duncan O’Finioan returns for an update on Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), supernatural entity interference, hidden wars, time stream manipulation, DWave computer, soul retrieval; entities as software program…

Chris & Sheree Geo-Truth Frequency Network

Chris and Sheree Geo of Truth Frequency Radio and the hosts of Beyond the Veil join us to discuss the truth and consciousness movements; the spiritual concepts of consciousness; ayahauska, entheogens, raves, and the EDM scene to mind control in music; and more…

Aug Tellez: Deep Bases Disclosure Briefing

Aug Tellez joins us to share an intel briefing on the state of consciousness advancement. We are authorized to release this now. Over the course of three hours, we divulge much high level information that has never been integrated in this manner. The information is dense. Listen carefully, the data packets are specific to the hearer; and understand that what you hear is “need to know”.

TriUnity Series with Dr. Shmuel Asher- Episode 6: Simulacrum-Building the Perfect Beast

TriUnity Series Ep. 6 – Is the massive NSA Data collection: A Means for crating a carbon copy reality?
Black science re-animation projects, soul transplantation, and insertion of artificial/dark souls.
Google Glass, Occulus Rift, other immersive technologies which build Soul Cages. or an eternal looping reality which is cut off from Original Source.

Aug Tellez & Emily Moyer: Secret Space Program, Machine Learning, Mind Control & Artificial Time

Aug Tellez and Emily Moyer thread through a series of concepts that emerge from recovered memories of secret government bases, limited access programs, and deep science-metaphysical technologies, alien A.I. systems, time-space distortion, programmable drugs; time field distortions and manipulations, transhumanism; conscious creation…one thing leads to another in this nearly three hour tour de force.

Cara St. Louis: The Sovereign Imagination-Ending The Predatory Mind

Cara St. Louis delves further into the mysteries of the ancient seed race, The Tuath de Danaan, also known as the Fae/Phe, and why now, we are learning about this altered history of humanity. And what we can do to end the Apex Predator, which lives inside our own heads.

Mark Devlin: Music At The Crossroads-The Dark Side of Popular Music

Mark Devlin joins us to discuss the "state" of music (or the musical state): Satanism, Freemasonry, subliminals, reverse masking, and the culture of death. Email: Mark Devlin is a DJ and...

Medicine Bear Whitebow & John Stormm: MKUltra Reality

Two generations of Project MK-ULTRA, John Stormm and Medicine Bear Whitebow, join us for a first time testimony of Bear’s involvement in mind control projects, with insights on related topics like MiLABS, UFOs,ETs, and remote viewing.

Derrick Broze: Conscious Resistance-Agorism and Freedom Cells

Derrick Broze is the founder of the Houston Free Thinkers and the Conscious Resistance Network, owner of Organic Gardens 4 All, writer at the Anti-Media and Activist Post, and co-host of Addiction Free Radio. He joins us to help us break the statist paradigm of coercion, domination and mind control, planting the seeds of peaceful anarchy and voluntaryism by building freedom cells and developing pockets of agorism.

HARD TRUTH: THE PODCAST | The Tabloid Culture of the ‘Truth’ Media

In light of the hysteria and media manipulation surrounding the strange death of Max Spiers, we decide to open up the whole can of whoop ass, and clear the air. PLEASE READ THE BLOG POST, “HARD TRUTH: THE ARTICLE” on the OffPlanet Radio website for the full context of this show.
We dedicate our efforts to ALL the INNOCENTS past, present, and God forbid…future…We will not STOP, and will never FORGET.

The TriUnity Series with Dr. Shmuel Asher – Episode 1

The new series from Randy Maugans, based on the works of Dr. Shmuel Asher, “Soul Revolution The Trinity of Humanity”. There still exists yet one major gap in all of man’s understanding concerning our living-soul; a consciousness gap to our true identity; A “Metaphysical Missing Link!”

Conviction Of A Time Traveler: John Titor 10 Years After

A classic interview with “Temporal Recon” on time traveler, John Titor, 10 years later. The Second American Civil War, a deadly attack by Russia, and a vintage computer’s role in “rebooting” civilization.

Randy Maugans & Jeffrey Sewell | Metabiology: Face to Face with Artificial Intelligence

Jeffrey Sewell has spent many years in deep study of biology, in the process he introduces us to Metabiology, the tenants are simple, ‘As above, so below’ holds true from the nucleus of a cell to the furthest reaches of distant galaxies, life begets life. And it does so in a miraculous pattern that is reflected from the cosmos to the super organism, our Earth and to each of us in our divine vessel, the human body.

OffPlanet TV | Chris Kehler Live Quantum Healing Session

Emily Moyer and Randy Maugans are joined by Quantum Energy Healer/Metaphysician, Chris Kehler and a live group of participants for an inside view on Holisitic Healing for the individual and the planet.

Robert Phoenix-The Stranger Things Midnight Special

Randy Maugans and Emily Moyer talk with Robert Phoenix Website: We apologize for the sound issues in Part 1. Part 2 is a bit better. Due to unforeseen circumstance our guest had to call in from a public place and background noise was...

Robert Phoenix- Saturn & Gemini: 9 11 Truth Epidemic-The Collapse of Hillary Clinton—PREDICTED!

In this show, recorded in the late hours of 9-10-16, astrologer, Robert Phoenix discusses the emergent planetary alignments and a 30 year cycle. “a fork in the road” connected to 9-11, the debate about the health of candidate, Hillary Clinton; the “truth” leaking by Donald Trump, and how it is spun into a another web of deceit…and MORE

OffPlanet TV-Emily Moyer with Tracy Twyman: The Saturn Complex

Host Emily Moyer talks with author/occult researcher, Tracy Twyman.
Why does Saturn dominate the occult, mystery schools, and modern culture? The Saturn Complex weaves itself into the dark threads of ancient rituals—-rituals that live in modern pop culture.

Pokemon Go -Transhumanism Programmng & Occult Symbolism-Guest Randy Maugans

Occult symbolism and the transhumanism programming in the new virtual Pokemon Go app with guest Randy Maugans (Off Planet Radio). Other topics of discussion are “Mandela effect” and the “Human Remembering” one of humanity’s most important subjects ever.

OffPlantet TV 07-13-16 with David M. Jacobs: Hybrids or Humanity

HYBRID OR HUMAN—A CHOICE OR A THREAT FOR MANKIND? A New Deception to Lull Us Into Assimilation  David M. Jacobs, Ph.D (with a commentary by Randy Maugans on "ascension" and the hybrids) David Jacobs website: The New Book by David M....

Thomas Williams Truth, Honor & Integrity- Randy Maugans: Darkside Alt Media

Randy Maugans joins Thomas Williams and Chloe for a look into the world of “alternative media”. We discuss David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Alfred Lambremont Webre—and the ever-changing narratives that weave webs into the alt worlds of media. The “disappearing” of data, changes in personalities’ the burgeoning corporatization of once free and independent media

OffPlanet TV 06-29-16- Robert Phoenix: Signs & Time Lines

Randy Maugans & Emily Moyer with guest, Robert Phoenix

Sophia’ Emporium: Suz Pratt interviews Randy Maugans

Randy Maugans joins Suz Pratt on June 04, 2016 for a wide-ranging interchange on many things cosmic. We discuss: the “two earths” theory (a/k/a-planetary ascension), life charting and the ages of personal shifts, blood-types, encounter with the paranormal, time/no time/no thought, and processing “truth”. I share some rare persona; photos. All part of the never-ending story.

OffPlanet TV 06-08-16 – Shane Bales: An Unraveled Conversation with The Ruiner

Musician, blogger, and true-heart empath, Shane Bales, joins us to “unravel” the deceits of alt-media; why we need to begin realizing our own destinies: “comparative realities”, the real art of manifestation…and much about music and art and their magikal powers to heal, inspire, and expand our consciousness.

OffPlanet TV – 05-25-16 – Emily from L.A.-Inside The Prism

Emily joins us to tell about her insights from a number of cultural exposures: as a child actress she played a very young Judy Garland; she also trained and competed gymnastics through her college years. Noting that both of these “industries” are often vehicles for black agency recruiting into “Project Monarch” type projects, we move into Em’s disturbing memories and the sense she was “being used”.

OffPlanet TV – Cara St Louis: The Great Remembering & Rise of the Fae

Author Cara St. Louis tracks the threads that weave a very different history: an INSERTED 1,000 YEAR narrative that was confabulated by overlaps, duplications, and textual manipulations and the revelation of the lost master race, The Phe (or Fae), which unlock the keys to our ancient wars.

OffPlanet TV and TLBTV Joint: When The Unthinkable Becomes Commonplace

in this special two-hour joint broadcast, we examine the details of this nightmare come real, and offer our generational apologies for the falling darkness. We call upon everyone to WAKE UP and do something…the darkness HAS fallen, now we must make the darkness FALL.