POKEMON GO, AI, and Operations of Magick

The digital realm IS a magick realm of 1s and 0s: its binary composition requires one additional layer—the human capacitor, which is uniquely gifted to CREATE. Because it has no “soul” per se, it also blends (real) evil into endless morphing of desires, fantasies, and “quests” that then can be manifest inside the algorithms of its realms.

The Wave

The darkness has overtaken this part of the universe. This frequency wave is meant to balance this. A way to correct the many many mistakes made by many groups of beings over a very long period of time. This is your time to shine. Take advantage of it.

DISCERNMENT ALERT: Simon Parkes and CERN Archons

What may occur will be the incursion of more entities wielding deceptions and murderous energies to feed from the fear and lust (lower energies) of the human race. Ultimately, unless it is shut down, the scientists at CERN, under control of the Black Magi, will open a portal between worlds/dimensions that will truly bring “hell to earth”.