Chris Kehler and “Whisper”: The Solstice Unveiling

Quantum healer, Chris Kehler, and “Whisper”, who disclosed as an alien implantee, return to discuss a wide range of topics regarding healing and health, energy balancing, metal toxicity and deficiencies in the body; removal of entities, curses, demons, and attachments of “old gods”; healing of patient-specific cancers; body stargates, chakra alignments; “

Jef Harvey-4th Phase Water

The assault on the human biology deepens: chemtrails, water fluoridation, GMO foods, rampant epidemic threats like Ebola, and a weakening of the Earth’s energetic grids all conspire to make us sick and shorten our lives. We need solutions:

Jef Harvey: Healing The Matrix

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:16:40 — 22.0MB)OffPlanet Radio Live – 08-07-2013- Randy Maugans with Jef Harvey To contact Jef Harvey call: +1 570-219-2025 Jef Harvey has a background in Naval Intelligence,...