OffPlanet TV – 05-25-16 – Emily from L.A.-Inside The Prism

Emily joins us to tell about her insights from a number of cultural exposures: as a child actress she played a very young Judy Garland; she also trained and competed gymnastics through her college years. Noting that both of these “industries” are often vehicles for black agency recruiting into “Project Monarch” type projects, we move into Em’s disturbing memories and the sense she was “being used”.

IT’S WORKING! Social Media and Culture Transformation

Social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, et al. were financed BY the same people who gave you MSNBC, FOX NEWS, CNN…Sort of like an ant trap: one ant tastes the poison. It tastes like food. It carries it back—voila! The nest is poisoned. Only the smart, discerning ant, who knows how to test the food survives. The NEWS, and the MEMES which circulate via social media (the ants who carry the poison) are just the current iteration of the ongoing war on on human cognition.

NASA-Military Insider on Biowarfare and Weaponize Mid Control

“…mind control of the entire planet is now possible…The transference of energy from one organism to another; the ability to heal or cause disease to be transmitted over a distance, thus inducing illness or death from no apparent cause; telepathic behavior modification which includes the ability to induce hypnotic states up to a distance of 1,000 kilometers have been reported. “—Lt. Col John B. Alexander

OffPlanet TV-Episode 14-07-29-15- Cara St Louis: Exposing The Predator

Cara St. Louis joins us to pull together the pieces of her discoveries into what we will just call The Predator. We venture off on some “side trips” with Cara’s personal “ET” encounters, David Icke, bretharianism, and Cara’ insights in the heart chakra and morphogenic fields. We discuss the questions about the ubiquitous substance, aluminum and the menace of The Apex Predator that would take over the consciousness of the planet and humanity.