The OverShow: US Gymnastics and Pedogate

A sideways trip into some dark areas like the USA Gymnastics sexual abuse scandals and then into Pedogate, and why it is THE one thing we have to end in order for the culture to heal and go forward; why so many things seem “over” like so-called “alt-media’ channeling ourselves, and the Seth Material.

TriUnity Series with Dr. Shmuel Asher- Episode 4: The Ancient Roots of Spirit Cooking

The principles of human carnage, sacrifice, and blood sport are all at the core of the Everlasting Agreement presented by Dr. Asher in his works. The roots are ancient, yet they played out promonently in the final days of the 2016 Presidential Election, as details leaked about pedophilia rings connected to the Clinton group, the Podesta brothers, Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin.

Video: Randy Maugans on Shoot From The Hip with Duncan O’Finioan

Discussion on: The banking system, prophecy, “Mystery Babylon”, pedophilia and the corridors of power, soul harvesting and pre-incarnation hijacking; imprints and soul destiny; how humans were psychically lobotomized; magic and spiritual healings; cattle mutilations, “half-cats” and opening of portals…talking smack woo-woo…