OPTV & TLB SPECIAL Teleconference-The National Liberty Alliance with John Darash and Gerard

The National Liberty Alliance (SPECIAL) – Justice for We The People
A LIVE teleconference with:
Roger Landry (TLB) – Host, Founder of The Liberty Beacon Project
Randy Maugans – Co-Host, Off Planet Media Owner/Dir., TLB IT Dir. & TLB Radio Network Dir.
John Durash – National Liberty Alliance Founder and Facilitator
Gerard – National Liberty Alliance Founder and Facilitator

L. B. Bork: The Red Amendment-Communism In America

Jurist/Legal researcher, L. B. Bork sits in to discuss the details of the infamous 14th Amendment. L.B. exited the system over 20 years ago, after his own research revealed the key was correcting one’s status under law. He organized PAC (Peoples Alliance Coalition) in 1998 to provide Constitutional education and political insights that may enable one to live under our original Constitutional system.

Sheriff Richard Mack: Returning Law Back To The Constitution

OffPlanet Radio LIVE – 12-05-2014 – Segment 2 – Randy Maugans with Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret.), founder of Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association
We discuss the founding of CSPOA and Sheriff Mack’s own “conversion” to Constitutional principles and God’s laws; importance of law officers returning to Constitutional roots; the need to return the trust of the people and the integrity of peace officers.

Behind The Scenes of the New World Order

OffPlanet Radio LIVE – 12-05-2014-Segment 1 – Randy Maugans

It’s worth reviewing things from time to time: THIS IS ALL A VERY OLD PLAN.
The stream of politicians pronouncing on the progress of the “new world order”; is America sufficiently numb now and ready to be rolled over?