Exotica Radio Show-June 10, 2007-Randy Maugans
Reposted: 12-05-15
This recording was made from a live shortwave radio broadcast. The audio quality is relative to the media from which it was rendered at the time it was made.

the-captive-mindMost people exist in cultures and histories they believe are shaped by “accident”, “fate”, or random movements. Through the eyes of a Polish writer living through both the Nazi invasion of Europe, and the subsequent incursion by the Red Armies, we see the shaping of cultures, thoughts, and opinions by the process of “Dialectic Materialism”.  Examines philosophical, psychological, and cultural shaping (culture creation) by the process of “Ordo Ab Chaos”—the insidious application of the Hegellian/Marxist Dialectic Method.

Excerpts from the book: “The Captive Mind “by Czelaw Milosz, Translated from the Polish by Jane Zielonko, Vintage Books, NY 1955 ©1951, 1953 by Czeslaw Milosz
Narrative on Lenin’s address to the Second International from “The Mainspring of Human Progress” by Henry Grady Weaver, © 1948 by Talbot Books

Music : Tears For Fears-”Everybody Want To Rule The World” from the LP “The Big Chair”
King Crimson-”Epitaph” from the LP “The Court of the Crimson King”Web References: Dialectical materialism Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and monadism