OffPlanet Radio Show Podcast-November 6, 2011-Randy Maugans with Corina Saebels

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Canadian abductee/contactee, Corina Saebels talks about her own life-long experiences as a subject of ET abduction, testing and genetic experiments; and the experiences of her family, children, and those around her who witnessed and experienced the very same visitations. We also outline the presence of black ops military and scientists inside underground bases, black military helicopters and the medical, psychological and spiritual after-effects on her life from the harvesting of fetuses; her shocking glimpse at trans-species experimentation and her insights about what “they” have planned for humanity!

Corina speaks with great humility, and continues to press the establishment for answers to her decades long encounters with entities—both off worlders, and the shadow military-government-industrial complex. While her suffering is not hidden, her spirit remains intact, and her bravery unvaunted by those who would silence her.

In the show Corina discusses a great deal of physical evidence she has gathered over the years. In her book, “The Collectors”, are several pages of color photos which documenther accounts. As her experiences continue, she continues to compile more proof. The following is a recent event:

This happened in early October 2011.
Woke up around 4:45am with excruciating pain in the abdomen area. It felt as if someone had just used a knife or scalpel on me.
I quickly turned the light on and checked myClick to view full size photo abdomen. The open wound was still bleeding a bit.
I decided to have this wound documented by taking a photo and seeing a doctor. The doctor did not really have , what I believe, to be a logical explanation. He said that he thought this may have been an inflammation on the skin and “it just burst!”. If it was anything like that, I would have seen and felt something for days before.
I was told to put antibiotic cream on this until it healed. -Corina Saebels
“The Collectors” by Corina Saebels, is available from her website or at 

Music on this show:
“Alien”-Jefferson Starship
“I’m Not Afraid”-Lacuna Coil

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