OffPlanet Radio Live- April 18, 2012-Randy Maugans with White Wolf Von Atzigen

White Wolf’s website:

As former black projects  assassin, White Wolf Von Atzigen was systematically programmed by CIA covert operations from childhood to become a stealth human lethal weapon. As the programs broke down, so did the walls to his many identities and nightmarish past.

Today, after years of effort and intense de-programming, White Wolf works from his Ways Of The Wild Institute in Vermont to help others recover from trauma, and reconnect to themselves, and their natural state of being  Learn how to reprogram, reconnect, and radically change lives in this special two hour show.

Shadow Scorpion Memoirs of an Assassin

Shadow Scorpion by White Wolf Von Atzingen is an autobiography of a young man who was taken into the CIA and trained in the elite and shadowy methods of assassination. Through many years he survives severe mind control, programming, and experiences that can only be described as a living hell. Living through the unlivable, and triumphing, Wolf is able to begin the long, toilsome path of healing.    Available at: Smashwords | Website Edition | Amazon

Closing music:
“The Seventh Mirror” by Mandrake Root
“Hungry Like The Wolf”-Duran Duran