OffPlanet Radio Interview with Bob Neveritt (a/k/a Bob Dobbs)-Recorded July 4th, 2012 – Hour 2
Bob’s Timeline 

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Hour 2: Tour de Bob

Second hour kicks off with Bob’s review of his early days in the Norht American intelligence corps in Nova Scotia, his own personal “mini MK ULtra Project”; Marshal McLuhan, Wyndham Lewis (“The Secret History of World War II”), James Joyce and “Finnegans Wake”; McLuhan and Allen Ginsberg, Lyndon LaRouche and the Columbia Riots and the 1960s Protest movements seeded by the Intelligence agencies; the Vatican intelligence operations; Walter Bowart and “Operation Mind Control”…insights int othe elites’ manipulation of media and elections; the elites are obsolete…along with their money…exploration of the Four Memes and the Five Bodies…CERN Hadron Collider meme…the Higgs-Boson Particle is BULLSHIT!…the much more.
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Opening song: “The Bells”-Loading Zone
Closing song: “Girls With Guns”-Tommy Shaw