James Walbert
Board of Directors at Stalking Victims Network
Wichita, Kansas Area Civic & Social Organization

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Court Recognizes Electronic Harassment:

James Walbert is a target of non-consensual RFID  implantation.  He has testified in in Washington D.C. in front of the Presidential Commission on Bioethical issues appointed by President Obahma. He is one of the few who obtained a “Protection Order” to halt mind control and surveillance via RFID implantation. December 30, 2008: This could be the first official recognition of the need to protect citizens against electronic harassment. This is actually very impressive. Walbert persuaded the Court that the defendant was using electronic weapons against him and his family, in addition to resorting to obvious forms of stalking.Walbert presents one of the most documented cases of human chipping, gang stalking, and mind control ever brought before a court in the United States.


James Walbert, resident of Wichita, Kansas, proved his experience as a Targeted Individual under surveillance includes forcefully implanted RFID chips, including in his brain, and subsequent remote electronic abuse. Walbert told Sedgwick County, Kansas court panel that Jeremiah Redford threatened him with “jolts of radiation.”

On November 25, 2008, the court ordered the associated targeted stalking of Walbert to halt. Walbert then began suffering electric shock sensations and hearing electronically generated tones, including popping and ringing sounds.

On December 30th, Court decided in Walbert’s favor, issuing a first-of-its-kind order of protection, banning Redford from using electronic means to injure Walbert. That Order has been violated – including by police Walbert told the Examiner.

He has received the support of legislators, including Missouri House of Representatives member, Jim Guest.
The issues involved in the Walbert  case are crucial to the cognitive liberties of ALL humans, and goes to the core of exposing CORPORATE-GOVERNMENTAL agendas involving TIs (target individuals)—but the greater risk is that humanity is the target as a Global Operation Mind Control program moves closer to realization.

Walbert’s case has received high profile status by leading publications and media outlets:

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