OffPlanet Radio-Private Sessions: Chris Carter-“Science and Psychic Phenomena-The Fall of the House of Skeptics”

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We caught up with author, researcher, and scholar, Chris Carter, for a sit down talk about his 2007 book, Science and Psychic Phenomena-The Fall of the House of Skeptics” which has just been republished by Inner Tradions publishing (and features a foreward by noted biochemist and paranormal advocate, Rupert Sheldrake).Working from his own background as an Oxford educated scholar in economics and philosophy; his own personal experiences, and the dismay he felt at the responses of skeptics in the world of science and academics toward “paranormal” phenomena;  

Carter has forged a path towards reconciling seemingly competing world views, and disarming the “rationalsim” of mainstream scientists and notable debunkers such as James Randi, the writers of Skeptical Inquirer, and Paul Kurtz’ core movers and shakers of CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal). 

As you will hear in the interview, Carter maintains that the underlying philosophy of organized criticism against paranormal (or psi) is not based on solid scientific proofs, but on the foundations of Secular Humanism—a movement which denies any outer causation, or spiritual forces behind phenomena. It is, or course, the classic argument that dates back to the late 19th and early 20th century, as science was forced away from the mechanistic models of Newton and the enbrace of quantum mechanics and the special relativity work of Einstein and his collaborators. 

While we are now a century past the initial arguments, the rationalists, or more properly, Secular Humanists, still work to suppress the anamolous universe in favor of a stolid, mechanical, and dogmatic “flat space” that denies interaction with something larger than man. Chris Carter’s superb research and approachable means of argument is a toolbox for disarming the skeptic, debunkers, and cynics.


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