The present day economic system, why it will not finance its own demise, and the alternative perspective to genuine breakthrough.

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David Martin Previous appearence: Economic Reset with David E. Martin – December 28, 2011 

David Martin presented at the Global Breakthrough Energy Conference in Hiversum, Holland, October 9,10, 11, 2012. He is uniquely qualified to be one of the leading forces in the coming era, not only from his background in financial analysis and innovation, but also from his incisive ethical perspective which values cultures and sovereign resource assets.

Dr. Martin is a business founder, public policy advisor, and foresight communicator… & now a novel-writer. From his pioneering work in unstructured data analysis and linguistic genomics to his ground-breaking work in global finance and ethics, his life experience obtained in over 120 countries is woven into his first novel, “Apostles of Power: Theft of an Empire”.

He gained international notoriety for his data analysis in disclosure prior to the global financial crisis in 2008. His foresight work has been deployed in several international conflicts. He has been a guest on Bloomberg and NPR’s This American Life; has been invited to testify in Congressional and EU Parliamentary hearings and roundtables; and has made numerous additional domestic and international media appearances.

His novel, “Apostles of Power: Theft of an Empire”, is his real-life insight and witness to corruption in the highest places has given way to a novel about the truth that befalls us. In a world where people have control in only the most mundane daily decisions, there are those manipulating nations at the highest levels. They are thieves of empires and emperors of the world.
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