OffPlanet Radio Live – 07-24-2013- Hour 2: Randy Maugans and Chris Holly with J. Allan (Jeff) Danelek

Author, researcher, and graphic artist, Jeff Danelek continues, in the second hour, with a vast expansion on the concepts of spirtuality outside established relious systems: multi-dimensional existence, reincarnation, the mythologies of the Bible which have been offered as dogma and absolute “truth”; the concepts of oversoul. soulmates, and group incarnations; living both inside time and outside time, soul destinies, and why death is not a final state of being…much more. 

Jeff Danelek: Spirituality and Reincarnation – Right click to download MP3 audio 

Amazon BooksJeff Danelek is the author of the book, “The Case for Reincarnation: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Soul”
Llewellyn Publications
(June 8, 2010)