OffPlanet Radio Live – 07-24-2013- Hour 2: Randy Maugans and Chris Holly with Doc Vega
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A self-described” traveler through space and time”, Doc Vega is a researcher, author, columnist, and TV/radio commentator. A decidedly independent voice, who blends political views with his work in the world of UFOs and paranormal, Doc joins us to discuss the history of UFOs, conspiracy, ETs, and his own early fascination with the strange things in the skies overhead.

Doc Vega: UFO History and the Dulce Mystery-Complete Show
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Hour 1: We discuss Roswell, the history of UFOs in the early 20th century, the emergence of the National Security State, the media suppression of UFOs and ETs, hypnotic regression, past life insights, and how the government hides its own complicity with ET collaborators.

Hour 2: A “white knuckle ride”, as we discuss the dark secrets of the Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, NM; the discovery of a secret underground base; the military shock at their discovery of advanced tech—and its ET operators; genetic experiments; alien-human hybrid projects; the wars inside Dulce, the fate of wo Dulce disclosers,  Phil Schneider and Paul Benewitz; and the secret agenda behind the economic collapse and black government ops.