Randy Maugans with Duncan O’Finioan – recorded 03-12-2014
The movie, “Thor: The Dark World”depicts parallel aspects Duncan’s predictions about the CERN LHC being used as a portal to bring in dark entities from other dimensdions.
• The grand convergence  and what is called the “galactic center”;
• CERN=the aether in Thor.
• The vampiric Dark Elven race.
• The origin of the Dark Elven race after a civil war split the Elven world into a lower dimension.
• Earth is Midgard, a strategic realm as a “jump room” for accessing the other eight realms (dimensions)
• We also riff off into current events and the state of humanity’s overall consciousness…
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Music: “The Displacement of Time” – The Alien Mike ET The Furious Guitar by The Alien Mike ET

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