OffPlanet Radio Report – 04-12-2014 with Randy Maugans with Ken Pfeifer, NJ MUFON/Star Team Investigator

Ken Pfeifer is Chief Investigator for New Jersey MUFON and the webmaster for two popular websites (over 90,00 hits per month) chronicling the photographic evidence of UFOs which routinely appear in the skies around the planet. Ken is a pilot and Desert Storm veteran who has actively worked to classify and expose the presence of the craft—and the beings who fly them.

Ken Pfeifer: World UFO Briefing – Right click to download MP3 audio


MUFON’s History Channel series—can it go far enough?Topics: We discuss the state of UFOlogy, the struggles MUFON faces in remaining relevent as a UFO reporting group; mainstream media and the use of manipulation to discredit UFO research and disclosure; historical and present day evidence mounting;Alien beings  shot by MPs at Ft. Dix and Meguire AFB 1978…undeniable presence of ETs; Ken’s Mars surface discoveries…and more…

Closing music: “Stories” by Align In Time

  Me and My Arrow by Align in Time


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