OffPlanet Radio  – 05-03-2014 with Randy Maugans with Carlos del Angel

Carlos del Angel of the Shiny Demise Project: a Spanish language paranormal/UFO/exopolitics/spirituality broadcast that reaches out to Latin America; joins us for a far-reaching talk about his own inner journey. It begins with Carlos going through his own darkness—as he explains—and the understandings given to him by an entity he calls his “Future Self” about the monumental challenge to humanity in the next 15 years:

Carlos del Angel: Messages From Future Self-Complete Show  2h:10m:39s 
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While Carlos says he is not a “prophet”—he does believe we can all  know what is coming.

-The rise of a German Super Power in EU — Rising Roman Empire?

-Russia China replacing dollar.

-We are getting closer to the photon belt (galactic center); higher vibrational rate

and human consciousness elevation.

-15 years left for preparation for coming changes

-Fighting the system through non-violent revolution of minds and hearts

-We do not want to let the same controllers try to manage the shift. (15:55)

-PTB don’t want a war that sacrifices 1/2 the world population; controllers now

manage the whole world population.

-If human race does not unite, we will regret the empire that rises.

-Again…15 years to take back our power…(19:20)

-The divide/conquer tactics of the media to keep us focused on external events,

rather than doing the deep inner work. The inner journey (22:10): wisdom from facing dark sides of ourselves (dark factions); dark aspects want to be acknowledged.

-We cannot ignore the dark side–it will keep pushing up; it must be embraced and


-BIG PHARMA and anesthetizing the innner dark side as opposed to inner communications that lead to resolving inner conflict. Suppressed emotions are the root of illnesses.

-Using the alotted time to pursue happiness (joy) rather than continuing to toil and

worry inside the “matrix” system—pursuing one’s passions. Focusing energy on creative love(35:15)

-“we are NOT alone…” in these next few years to help us: unseen beings…(38:00)

-A possible setup of alien invasion/contact scenario to.

-Solar changes: the Sun is now exhaling; new energetic; we need to synchronize with

the new solar energetics. (40:40)

-NWO is at final level of deployment (43:29)

-Message from Future Self; contactees have been told this next 15 years may be the last opportunity for us defeat the NWO — by happiness, finding our true selves, and our joy. Key thing!

-(R) Purification rites to refine our warrior walk. (46:30)  -New age tactics ignore the darkside walk. Angels, ascended masters…the only being  to be “WORSHIPPED”” IS YOU. Beings set up for worship are false spirits (51:00)—the Archons/Annunaki as manipulators of humanity.

-BIG PHARMA and anesthetizing the innner dark side as opposed to inner communications that lead to resolving inner conflict.-Suppressed emotions are the root of illnesses.

-Using the alotted time to pursue happiness (joy) rather than continuing to toil and worry inside the “matrix” system—pursuing one’s passions. Focusing energy on creative love(35:15)


Opening theme: “Wanderer’s Path [Rainy Night Version]” by the Nautilus Project, licensed under a  Creative Commons Licence.

Closing theme: “1000-Colour Rain” by Mandrake Root, “The Seventh Mirror”,  Creative Commons by-nc-sa 1.0 

The Seventh Mirror by Mandrake Root




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