OffPlanet Radio — Recorded: 07-09-2014 — Randy Maugans with “Whisper”, also Chris Kehler and Hayden

Using the alias, “Whisper”, to protect his identity, we delve deeply into the strange case of a man who has been plagued by extra-dimensional alien/ET attacks for ten years. For the first time he shares these horrific experiences, in a public forum, of one of the most graphic and unique views into the world of extradimensional alien obsession.

At age 33, “Whisper” began to experience whispered voices, which then began to escalate into visual apparitions that manifested on his (then current) large screen CRT television; when the device was on HOLD . He also discovered that he could manipulate, i.e.-“bend” lines on the display with his mind. Following this experience he was awakened at night to find the entities drilling and fitting implants into three of his teeth of what appears to be his etheric body.

Following the implants he began to interact with the entities both visually and audibly through the images that formed by the scan ray gun of the CRT; the entities’ forms becoming more detailed and interactive.

As “Whisper” moves more deeply into his narrative, we begin to see the thin lines between extra-sensory states and the expanded consciousness of ED obsession; and what we would call psychosis. We also observe the linkages between witchcraft, satanic, and demonic activity and ET encounters–as well as prospects of human energetic cloning operations—as the aperture of the human instrument becomes a “hotspot” for human and non-human interventions.

The interview goes into some interesting directions related to inter-dimensional phenomenon, perceptual insights of human-alien interaction, the constructs of so-called “reality”, which are bending and increasingly porous; and why the spectrum of paranormal activity has expanded and increased in frequency and intensity: the human “shift” is of vast interest to beings in MANY dimensions.