OffPlanet Radio – Randy Maugans with Jane Doe 755 – Recorded 9-30-2014

“Jane Doe 755” from Ontario, Canada presents her story about the illegal conversion of human identities via birth certificates, all-captial letter names, and creation of fictitious debt bond bearer instruments, which create implied adhesion contracts and perception of government ownership of all assets via conveyance inside the courts.


NOTICE: This interview is NOT an endorsement of any methods, legal strategies, or actions of the One Peoples’ Public Trust (OPPT). It is presented for your discernment and the views expressed are of the guest, who describes her own personal process.

Each living being is the highest authority in their personal lives. Most people especially our children are honorable until this Crown Corporate crew of thieves and murders find a way into our lives and homes. The Commission is made up of citizens of all ages determined to end crime in their communities perpetrated by Banks, Police, Unjust Judges and Lawyers, Political Agents, Social Services Agents, Public Utility Workers, Doctors, Nurses, Support Workers and Churches, . Citizens of all ages willing to take an Oath to CLAIM BACK their livelihood (money provided each of us at birth to live and create our own lives stolen by the Crown Corporation via theft of our identity Birth Certificate Name and theft of your natural borne inheritance called “Trust Accounts” stealing of our very lives , made up by the above individual workers, out of ignorance of who they truly are). Please come forward now and join in correction and restoration of justice, abiding by each of our moral oath to serve and protect ourselves, our children, and our community are being called now to take a stand to restore justice, peace and prosperity across the world but for our purpose all dwellers of the City of London, Ontario.

All ages welcome!!

Are you being held hostage to an oath to aid and abet the secret crimes of your Public Servants against your will?
Are you being falsely arrested (kidnapped) by your trusted servants?
Have your children been stolen, abused, murdered by criminal teachers, social workers, unruly policemen, unlawful lawyers and judges?
Are you or your children being threatened, harassed, beaten, jailed for no other reason than your trusted servants think it is fun?
Is your disabled or elderly parent or child being abused, robbed, even murdered by your trusted servants of conventional medicine and medical care, and personal care?
Are your necessities of life being withheld from you food, shelter, clothing, water, heat, electricity through blackmail by your Public Servants?
Are you paying your means of livelihood and creation to thieves of your natural borne inheritance via fantasy mortgages, loans, fines, tickets, licenses, birth certificates, insurance, school loans, forced taxes, income taxes, property taxes, fantasy laws and court workers, if so know that these are all crimes against you by immoral people you owe nothing to and have no lawful standing or authority to collect anything from you or harm you in any way if you do not pay them?
Is your property. homes, lands, businesses, jobs, being stolen, looted, leaving you all but living on the street?
It is time now my family, friends, and neighbors all who are fearless to go out as posse’s in our community and address all Crown Corporate Servants (wrong doers) to make accountable and remove anyone taking wrongful actions against, your children or anything in your community. Leave no one aiding and abetting these crimes against you for this Crown Corporate Criminal Organization (HARPER GOVERNMENT) THAT WAS RENDERED NULL AND VOID AS OF FEBRUARY 2013 FOR GENOCIDE AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY…to themselves.

They must resign from this criminal behavior and GO HOME, immediately start abiding by their moral oath TO SERVE AND PROTECT THE PEOPLE or else be placed in prison safe from themselves and you. The Commission is to govern themselves accordingly. You are to use whatever means of force necessary to correct their behavior and you must work in numbers, and make no compromise with anyone. Leave no wrong doer uncorrected. Do not seek to harm only to educate and reclaim each of your lives and livelihood “paper money” created by man as a means of each man. woman and child’s exchanging their labor, property and creations but also stolen by man to bring all of God’s Creations to RUIN!!

You will receive more information and the process we the people will follow via attendance to any Alcoholic’s Anonymous community meeting’s and Al-anon meetings. You do not have to be a member to attend!! Please print and share with all of your loved ones. YOU ARE BLESSED AND PEACE TO ALL!! GET TO WORK!!

Quote: It is the duty and the authority of all people when their Government elected Public Servants resort to tyranny upon them to remove the tyrants from their elected positions and restore anyone harmed!! All people are to abide by their moral oath to not willfully harm another, their property or liberty no exceptions!!