OffPlanet Radio LIVE – 11-21-2014 – Randy Maugans with Robert Stanley

Previous appearance: Robert Stanley – Archons: Eternal Nemeses | Sep 6, 2014 |

Robert Stanley returns to expand and update his research into the Archons and the deep history behind the mysterious megalithic structures in Malibu, CA. Forming  a spiritual and ontological understanding of the Archons has eluded scholars, theologists, and paranormal researchers for over 2,000 years—largely due to manipulations of historical texts and deliberate obfuscation by The Vatican and Illuminati hierarchy.

Robert Stanley states:
“Archons are hidden negative controllers of humankind, inorganic interdimensional entities that must now be exposed and exorcised from the individual human mind, from our human species, and from the planet as a whole as part of our collective evolution to a new state of consciousness and being…It is time to expose the covert controllers of mankind. I assure you this is not speculation, a hoax, or the figment of peoples’ imagination. These parasitic creatures are real and they need to be dealt with immediately so mankind can evolve to the next level of existence.
Although these parasites are not human, they feed off the negative energy/emotions of humans. It is unclear when these cosmic, amoeba-like creatures first came to earth, but we know they were discovered by shamans in altered states of consciousness long ago and have recently been photographed. The reason everyone is not seeing them on a daily basis is because the creature’s energy signature is beyond our normal, narrow range of vision within the electromagnetic spectrum. What scientist call “visible light”.

Are these “hidden gods” scheduled to return? The Tablets of Destiny seem to point 2022…
2022 arrival

Opening News clip: “SECRET UNDERSEA UFO BASE INDEPENDENTLY CONFIRMED” by Michael Sallas, Ph.D from ExoNews YouTube Channel.


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