OffPlanet Radio LIVE – 11-28-2014 – Randy Maugans with Jurist, legal researcher, Stephen John Miller

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Stephen John Miller has spent 20 years studying and applying proper use of common law principles. His work includes helping those entangled in legal issues, mortgages, statutory infractions, and government actions against families and children. He joins us to outline fundamentals in dealing with the law system; from “police”  and “judges” to social service agencies. The fundamentals lie in the organic (1787) Constitution for the united States, as well use of the 1863 Lieber  Code, and the moral principles that underpin basic human rights.

We also go into spiritual and religious issues; views of the end times, heaven and hell, judgement, cultural erosion; Stephen being a vocalist-musician talks about his encounters with musicians in the world of heavy metal and his lifelong passion for singing operatic works—we feature his version of “O Holy Night” in the break; we also go into the axis of control via the British Royals, The Vatican, and secret societies…all connecting back to The Law.