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OffPlanet Radio LIVE – Randy Maugans with Sevan Bomar

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A groundbreaking epic 3 hour edition of OffPlanet Radio with James  Bomar a/k/a “Sevan”, author of The Code to the Matrix, Founder of The Resistance Website, Astral Quest Radio Show, and Realm Dynamics.
• Activation of the third eye and what it reveals
• Codes of the English Language and its connection to Phi
• Purifying and Restructuring Water
• Exact origins of the Gods and other Entities
• The real meaning of the Pentagram
• The bodies connection to the Universe
• Earth’s organic grid and how to use it
• Language as Symbols
• The correct definition of time as frequency
• The Activation of Kundalini
* Much much more


James’s background entails a non-conventional Western upbringing as he was encouraged by his Mother from an early age to pursue spiritual understanding above all things and as a means of true education. Blending spiritual knowledge with a custom curriculum he was home schooled through much of his primary and secondary educational phases. James became increasingly fascinated by the notions of other life forms with vast knowledge and the existence of life after physical death and pursued those subjects to their origins.

He notes reading many rare works such as the Pseudepigrapha and Apocrypha while most children his age were reading The Cat and the Hat. James encountered many interactions of a paranormal nature throughout his childhood. When reaching adulthood and utilizing this knowledge and experience he began to develop a collective body of wisdom now embedded in all of his works.

Currently in his mid thirties he currently resides in Costa Rica and is dedicated to the full time development of Secret Energy a fusing of all of his knowledge and experience, designed with an advanced framework around the core principles of communication and connection. A social network functioning as a nexus and backbone to unite Seekers worldwide.

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