OffPlanet Radio LIVE – 12-19-2014: Randy Maugans with Chris Kehler and “Whisper”

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Chris Kehler: Quantum Holistic Healing – Jul 10, 2014
“Whisper”: Alien Implants –  Jul 10, 2014

Quantum healer, Chris Kehler, and “Whisper”, who disclosed as an alien implantee, return to discuss a wide range of topics regarding healing and health, energy balancing, metal toxicity and deficiencies in the body; removal of entities, curses, demons, and attachments of “old gods”; healing of patient-specific cancers; body stargates, chakra alignments; “Whisper” presents a 10-second clearing exercise live on-air, and Chris presents some of his successful treatments.

We discuss the galactic wars: the Saturn and Jupiter wars and the adduction and use of humans as capacitors for weapons; MiLABS (military abductions that are often fake alien abductions) and Universal Soldiers; the ancient history of Earth and ET presence; the post-2012 scenario and rising towards “ascension”; Chris makes some specific prophecies given by his guides regarding the opening of the veiled matrix grid and disclosure/cessation of black ops projects, ET harvesting programs, and human resistance to alien interference on the planet.

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Music: “Secret sun INST (featuring TOM WAITS* for no man)” by SafeHouseLTE