OffPlanet Radio – 12-27-2014 – Randy Maugans with Duncan O’finioan and Miranda Kelly, Recorded 12-06-2014


As the year 2014 fades, we enter a period of extreme events, which we have talked about on this show for over five years,. I call it “the eye of the needle”, Duncan says: “The flag has been dropped.” (Or, would it be the hammer of Thor?) We planned for this interview to be a statement of events, predictions, warnings, and useful information as things grow more intense.

Because of their ongoing involvement in The Gray Walkers, much of D&M’s information over the years has been highly limited, cryptic, and sometimes veiled. As we have continued to do interviews, more has been revealed. This interview features information never before discussed, and in great detail.

demoWe will just note the extreme technical interference on this recording, evident around 20 minutes into the proceedings when we were being hit with an infrasonic signal that degraded the voice connections. Spectral analysis of the audio clearly showed subsonic frequencies going down to -20Hz. Nice work, fellas!






D: Opening remarks: Forgiveness

00:06:00-D: It is too dangerous to continue in hatred and unforgiveness; human race lost unless they unify.

00:08:35 – D: Defines the three groups and the gray walkers.

00:09:00-D: Warnings vs. fear mongering.

00:13:00-D: “The flag’s been dropped”; Dark side and light side use the same tactics; difference between “being in the middle” and gray walkers. Disclosure of the Agenda and more information about the inner workings being released

00:18:00 –  When thing get bad, then get better…”duck!” The battle is multi-pointed.

00:19:00 – Noise electronic interference…we have to disconnect…the sound just goes to hell!!!

00:22:37 – R: Preparation for what is coming

D: Preparation Basics for the end game.

00:23:38 – D: “Souls are pure energy.” The battle is for souls.

00:24:00 A: Example of survival against the Darkness.

00:27:00 R: The Fifth Age of Man; D: “We’ve been here before…”

00:29:00 R: Time loops and soul-jacking.

M: Stealing and hijacking soul energy; the torture of children as a means to harness pure soul energy.

00:31:00 D: Vision of Source…Source has a dark side as well as light; everything is off balance and darkish is over running light. Right now: the darkside is winning.

00:33:00 R- “Never-ending Story” as a parable to the present times. M: “The Nothing” swallowing the landscape of consciousness.

00:35:00 M-Standing up for the right things; D: Hatred vs. Righteous Anger.

00:36:45 – D: Hatred becomes a control for your own soul’s movement to the darkside. R: Murder is the crime against the human soul.

M: “Holding onto anger…” (Buddha)

M: What the human race has to deal with: demoniacs. The hidden truth about supernatural evil; D-“pure evil’ and encounter with it.

00:43:00 R: Astral attachments; “haunted” feelings following ultra-lucid dream states. Taking responsibility for spiritual attachments that are made by going into “forbidden territories”; some remedies for breaking off spiritual parasites and attachments.

00:49:00 D:The illusion of financial success; the darkening of souls by money.

R: Economy collapse; de-flation; collapse of the petro-dollar;

D: Soaring Dow Jone Avg. (+20K) before the sudden collapse.

00:52:00 R: Alternative media bullshit; high profile media cult-of-personality types

D: Shawn David Morton-type financial scams. The alternate media.

R: Same old cycles…same people with new names…(did he say “Passio”?)

D: “Overnight experts” that become internet rock stars.

01:00:00: R: The Kundalini Moment Press Kit; pulling back from the public eye.

D: We get told to shut up.  NOT the life-styles of the rich and famous.

01:10:00: R: Toxic technology as substitute for natural abilities.

D&M: Mobile devices and “digital zombies”.

01:12:00: D: Describes “stepping over to the other side”.

D&M: The divide and conquer strategies to weaken people and their spiritual defenses; the need for people to wrk together to survive and win battles; Being aware of our surroundings.

01:17:38: Meditation (a mindlessness state/empty mind) is also a zombie mode! M: Not allowing the mind to be co-opted; gateways to demonics; Vs. D: “Meditating on a POINT” (Mindful focus). The bow and arrow metaphor.

01:23:00: D&M’s communication strategies and why they are “hard to follow”.

01:25:30: D: The Archons-5 Archons close to Source; not immortal, but long-lived. 1 Archon fell with Satan; numerous angelic “falls”; The Watchers, The Book of Enoch; Duncan explains some of the myths and fallacies of the various Archon stories; The Archons as an internet “meme” used to fascinate; and as scapegoats for the problems of humanity.

Archons are not all evil; One has fallen and is presently unleashed on humankind; Demonics are not Fallen Angels; The hierarchical structure of the Darkside elements; The “Fall” and demoniacs (djinn) are two separate stories; the Djinn pre-existed humanity.  Beelzebub in Babylonian texts: traveling bringer of evil and confusion.

01:33:00: D: Ferguson and the demonic influence on Darren Brown.

01:40:00 R: Question-Explain the hierarchy of Evil.

01:42:00 D: Soldier Demons.

01:47:00 M: Identifying demoniacs walking about…

01:49:00 D: on angels: Angels are God’s assassins;

01:50:00 D: The Nephillim. A bloodline with angelic DNA…more walking around than most realize. Not all bad…Duncan reveals his own Nephillim bloodline.