OffPlanet Radio LIVE – 01-09-2015-Randy Maugans with Brother Gregory

As a young man, Brother Gregory,  entered the seminary where he studied Latin, Greek, and theology. In the course of his studies he began to understand the unique purposes and practices of the early Church. Concealed for centuries in ancient libraries, obscured by the bias of historians, covered and concealed by imposed doctrines and dogmas, forgotten by the distractions of modern society until the simple truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God at hand became the hidden secrets of the ancients.

In this interview, we get some insights on the actual meanings of some key words, and the concepts behind the teachings of Jesus, regarding the how the Church was to be the Kingdom of God on earth. While the visible churches, mainstream protestant and Catholic, represent the apostate churches of the New Global Order of Rome, these tiny, community-based congregations operate from a different economy—one of loving, sharing, and giving.